Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Night Tables

First let us thank everyone who has sent their well wishes and lovely comments regarding  the sale of our house!!!! We were both so touched and it just added to our excitement!!  We can't wait to buy our new house so we can share it! We are both sick with anticipation!!! Sleep is something that seems next to impossible when you are as excited as meee!!!
I realized I hadn't shared our nightstands yet, nothing too exciting but kind of scary, you'll see what I mean.
Our bedside tables are kind of odd. Lees is anyways :).
Lee loves halloween!!! It's bigger then Christmas for him. We always dress up and always celebrate! But to carry the spooky spirit through the other 11 months a year, Lee like to keep skulls out. I however do not!
So he keeps one on his night stand, why anyone would want a skull to be the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to bed is beyond me, but he seems happy with that so who am I to argue. And besides he not only let me have flowered wallpaper, he installed it too!

So here's Lee's side, skull and all!

Lee also keeps our alarm clock on his side of the bed 1) because he gets up earlier then me and 2) if it's right beside me I'll hit snooze until it's time for dinner :)
And Here's my side, I keep a magazine holder (bought from wallmart, part of the same collection our photo storage containers came from) it holds magazines and my notebook, a pen and any other papers I might drag to bed with me on any given occasion. It keeps the night stand free of clutter. So I have room for a glass of water or on a really good week a small bouquet of flowers.
I like to keep a notebook by the bed in case I think of something I forgot or something I need to do. I sleep much better and in general have less anxiety when I write things down.

AND . . . . . .

That's what's on our nightstands. In case you wanted to know the stands themselves came from Homesense and the lamps from Costco!

Thanks again for all the love and support, it's been nerve racking and scary, we are about to take out a mortgage that would scare Oprah (haha, ok maybe not) and we are moving away from our town but we have a plan to pay it down our mortgage fast and are moving closer to family. So for each down there is an UP.
All the well wishes an comments have been so reassuring and just helped us keep focused on the big picture, a home of our own!


  1. Love the wall paper on the wall, elegant & modern

  2. Too funny about the skull! I personally would freak if I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that staring at me!! LOL Great idea about the notebook and pen bedside. I need to start writing things down prior to bedtime too...maybe then they want all run through my head all night long (like volleyball did last night). I don't have too much room on my side as I have my glass tray so I can set a glass down in need be, my lamp, the alarm clock and phone (hubby could sleep through a five-alarm blaze!)

  3. i'm a new reader and am not at all surprised you sold your house to the first showing! your home is too beautiful not to sell fast. good luck with the move and try to enjoy the process. we just went through it all ourselves. :)

  4. I would snooze till dinner too. :) Funny how a nightstand can teach you so much about a person!

  5. Onwards and upwards Lee and Ashli!
    This is so exciting for you guys, enjoy the ride.

  6. Maillardville Manor Readers have to be the nicest readers :) A I'm not biased at all! :)
    I agree a nightstand can tell you a lot about a person, although I'm not sure what Lee's nightstand says about him :)

  7. Hi Ashli.... I am soo happy that I ran into your blog from god knows where...!!! May be from pinterest or so. Anyways.... absolutely enjoyed reading it and girl your house is soo beautiful. I have skimmed through your website just to know where your nightstands are from and found it in this post... ! Homesense is my most favorite place to shop... and hey I am from Calgary...! I wish I can blog as you do but with a full time job and 2 small kids its still a dream... ! Anyways good luck to you and keep up the good work.




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