Monday, September 13, 2010

Full Disclosure: Photo Storage

I thought I would share how and where we keep our Pictures, you know those images on paper we printed out, before digital cameras :) I still insist on printing out some of my favorites every year.
One because I'm a skeptic and somewhere deep down I truly believe that some big computer virus is going to wipe out the worlds computers and all of their contents.
Two, my grandm refuses to look at anything on a computer screen. Seriously you could tell her the secret to life is on the computer screen and she wouldn't even turn her head.
Three, there is just something about a photograph. Maybe because I have photos of family from a very long time ago, or maybe it's because I feel like someone will be holding that exact photo in the future and think of me.
But anyway it makes me feel nice to print a favorite 30-40 a year (this way I can guarantee if someone in the future is holding a photo of me, it's one I hand selected, not some half fuzzy picture of me trying to fit an over sized piece of  birthday cake into my mouth)~We all have that picture of ourselves, I however have multiple.

Here's one way we store our pictures. I bought this little box from Walmart. It was under $5 and fits all of our 4X6 photos (although it is almost full). I took recipe card dividers and wrote the year on each one, and separated each years photos. I prefer to keep them organized by year, then you never have to guess what year that photo was taken in :)

I also make a scrapbook for each year. Once a month I make a page for that month and it goes into the scrapbook, each scrapbook has twelve spots for twelve pages. I would love to scrapbook more but finding the time is difficult, and it can be expensive, so I limit myself to one page a month and then I don't worry about scraping every single photo.

I also have scrapbooks for special occasions, like our wedding.

So that's how we organize our photos. I would love to know how others organize theirs! Let me know if you've got your own special system, or if you still print them out at all, most of our friends don't even bother printing them anymore.


  1. Okay, have to admit...I have 3 boxes worth of photos/negatives I REALLY need to go through (those pre-digital) and get organized. I purchased these great archive cases (acid free) from Costco awhile back, now I just need to get around to it. We don't print a lot of ours, but do print some. We do however make sure to BACK UP ALL OF THEM onto a disc periodically and put then into a fire proof box (I've been known to give an extra copy to another relative for safe keeping too). Yes, I too am one of those...what if??? I love you ideas...I could so do the monthly box and the monthly page. You can imagine with Katie playing year round volleyball...we have waaaayyy too many pictures to scrapbook them all. Someday (((sigh))). Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, how'd the listing go?

  2. I'm kinda all over the place...I print some and store in one of those photo boxes but have no organization to it what so ever...I put some on a disc...and some are left on the computer...I really need to get some kind of organization to all this...I always say "what if" & then I ignore that I just said it!!!

  3. This is an AWESOME idea for the scrapbooks! Maybe I'll start this sometime this year, especially with turning 25. :)

    And I agree about printing things off, we have 1300 wedding photos on disk, but I'm insistant on having at least SOME of them printed just so we have a hard copy of it.

    Thanks for some great ideas!

  4. Your scrap books are gorgeous! I have done 2 scrapbooks and lots of photo albums. I still like photos the old fashioned way, too. My father is a big photo album person and gets frustrated with all of the digital stuff. You have inspired me to get back to scrapbooking. I just need to make the time! Thanks for your wonderful post!

  5. Thanks for the comments!!! I love finding out how other people organize their treasures. I also forgot to mention that we store digital copies (on disks) in our fireproof box Thanks for reminding me, Simply LKJ!

    We had 6 showings last week, one low offer! Two are coming back this week for second showings, Fingers Crossed!

  6. For years, I have wanted (needed) to organize my photos. I love your purchase from Walmart and your idea of printing out a select few each year. As always, love your blog and your home!!

  7. Digital photography has made us a bit lazy when it comes to printing off photos.
    We had lots of photo albums (pre digital era) taking up valuable space so I condensed the pics into storage boxes similiar (but not as nice)as yours.
    Love the beautiful pic of you two!

  8. How do you organize digital pictures? Besides a photo box do you have any other organizational tools/ideas for printed pictures? BTW your blog is super great! :-)

  9. I am in the 100% guilty club of never ever printing out pictures. It's ridiculous! Especially now that you can submit your photos to places from online, then just go pick them up when they are printed. To make it even worse, all the pictures of the first year of my first kids life are stuck on the hard drive of my old computer that doesn't work anymore. Good news is it's fixable, and the hard drive is fine.
    I know there are sites that you can upload all of your pictures to for storage. You could also back-up on a dvd disc, or an external hard drive.
    I have two picture projects on my invisible to-do list so I will eventually need to actually have some pics developed.
    Ever tried digital scrapbooking? I signed up for a year of It's super easy and I still can't find the time to use it! :)

  10. We have some photo albums but most of our pictures are either just stored in boxes or displayed in frames.

    As far as digital photos go, we store them in monthly folders and back up to DVD. I've been wanting to make duplicates of those discs and store them in our safe deposit box at the bank tho, 'cuz even with them backed up off of the PC (so they're not at risk of virus or such) they're still vulnerable to other damage.

    By the way, if you have lots of pre-digital-era photos I highly recommend that you consider having those scanned so you have a backup of those irreplaceable treasures.

  11. Like several who have commented, this is a huge project for me. I have some printed and even more on my computer (with a back up). I LOVE your method for scrapbooking. That makes so much sense. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. I need to do a complete overhaul on my photos. I love photos in an album more than online...but online is so easy...but then again...albums are so personal. I wish I had more time to scrapbook too!

  13. Thanks Everyone for sharing all your tips and tricks for storing photos.
    To answer your question:
    We organize our digital photos by year. On the storage drive of my computer we have folders by year, then in each year the photos are organized by the date added and we add them once a month.
    Also because we have so many blog photos to organize we have another folder for those, organized by year and by room :)
    We store our photos in photo boxes and in scrapbooks. We also display some in pretty frames around the house, but that's about it.
    I do have some plans for photo projects in the new house, and hope to share them soon :)
    Thanks so much for the comments!

  14. I've never tried digital scrapbooking before, but I know a few gals who have and I have been meaning to try it. Thanks for the link, I'm headed to check that out right now.
    and thanks for the kind reminders to BACK UP, we make sure to do it once a month, but I would think 3 or 4 times a year would suffice, we just have a lot of blog photos I would hate to loose.

  15. Digital scrapbooking website-- By far the BEST one because it's actually like a digital scrapbook. You can download free, yes FREE, stickers, pages, etc. The good thing with digital scrapbooks is that once you purchase materials, you can REUSE them... it's the ONLY way I keep all my pictures. Plus, the all sit so nicely on a shelf.



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