Thursday, September 23, 2010

Full Disclosure: CD and DVD storage

Here's another installment of Full Disclosure, they are the photos from around The Manor that aren't particularly pretty, and I'd rather not share but  in the interest of full disclosure I do  :)
It would be too easy to make each room perfect take a photo and show you, but real life isn't always magazine ready so I wanted to share the parts of our house that, while they function really well, won't be making it on to the pages of a magazine anytime soon.
Behind our living room chair is where we keep all of the ugly parts of having a T.V and entertainment system. Behind the chair hides a multitude of sins.

However we are lucky that our fireplace has a spot built into it for such equipment.

The round containers hold our discs. The Bottom one holds our CD's, not super useful with MP3s now but we wanted to keep them. Where else can you find dance mix '97? oh, grade 7 memories!
The middle container holds our Video games, or should I say Lee's video games. And the top container holds our DVD's. I found that while all the DVD boxes looked organized when stacked together they took up a lot of space!

These containers are super handy and they flip down with the push of a button for easy access.

I use the bottom shelf for video game consoles and some of the recent games Lees purchased, apparently some of the games need instructions (he never reads instructions for anything but video games).
Then the usual suspects DVD player, receiver etc. . . .

One of my favorite additions to our living room was the in wall speakers Lee put in! There is nothing I hate more then big black speakers in a room! Lee insisted on have a "sound system" and the in wall system was a perfect compromise, we'll definitely be installing some in our new home! You may  have already noticed them in our living room photos but here they are again. There is four in total, two behind the couch and one on either side of the T.V. We bought them just over 3 years ago but I believe they were under $150.

So there's my full disclosure! I never thought I'd show that but there it is! Besides nothing could be worse then the mattress vacuuming post :) haha
Thanks checking out today's full disclosure and pop back tomorrow for Flowers on Friday and hopefully some exciting news :)


  1. Pssh. That still looks great and super organized. Those containers holding your DVDs and CDs are awesome. Thankfully we don't have a ton of either so we can store them in the bottom drawer of our master bedroom console.

  2. Love the disc holders. And I totally love that you're not afraid to show the "nuts & bolts" of your home. I have such a tiny living room and it has such a HUGE tv that it's hard to hide anything! And with 4 cats, there are always toys to trip over everywhere. But what do you do? LOL

  3. Probably a decade ago, we moved all of our CDs & DVDs into Case Logic (or knockoff) binders that hold 4 discs per page. Several years ago, I ripped all of our CDs to MP3 digital music files. So, while we still have the hard media - and I still prefer to buy new music on actual disc rather than download - we rarely use those. But stored in the binders, our large collection still only take up about half of one shelf in a small bookshelf.

    Just last month, I finally bit the bullet and posted an ad on Craigslist offering the empty jewel cases (from all of those CDs) to anyone who'd have 'em. A very appreciative girl picked the boxes up the next morning, so now I no longer have to allocate space in the garage for needless clutter. Yay!

  4. Your ugly parts look pretty fine to me!
    Those round holders are the best, I've never seen anything similiar here.
    You have a knack of locating the perfect storage systems.

  5. Thanks I guess it's not too bad but it's definitely nothing to be to proud of, haha
    Those round Disc holders are really handy, they are from Wallmart!
    Master bedroom console is a great place to store seldom used discs.
    And Laura I've been there with the giant T.V and no room around it, when Lee and I first moved in together he had a HUGE T.V, geez boys.
    and Rob's case logic cases are a great idea and definitely save a ton of space,
    thanks for sharing all of your disc storage solutions!!!

  6. If you are worried about sharing this you would be horrified to see the equivalent in my house! Isn't technology and all its gadgets and gizmos such a hassle sometimes?
    Just curious as far as Lee's games go, does he keep the cases somewhere else or toss them?



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