Monday, December 13, 2010

Meanwhile back at the MANOR!

The halls have been decked, so we moved on to the outside!
The wreath is on the door, a fake amaryllis wreath I picked up at Target last year. I love it!!! In fact I love it so much I spent more on a wreath case to keep it safe in storage then I did on the wreath itself.  CLOSE UP TOMORROW!
Since simple seems to be the theme, we went with three simple strands of lights across the porch railing!
I made a "Christmas Planter" outside the front door CLOSE UP AND DETAILS TO COME TOMORROW!

And my favorite part . . . . The Christmas Tree in the Window. I've always wanted a Christmas Tree in the front window of my house!! Bonus we didn't have to hang any lights on that side of the house and it still looks decorated!


  1. Looking good! So pretty and elegant. LOVE the look of your white tree lights in the window-beautiful! Hope you have a great Monday lovely!

  2. Simple and beautiful Ashli. Love to see Christmas tree lights twinkling through a window.

  3. Glad you have settled in and making your house a home just in time for xmas :)

  4. The tree is beautiful but I'm in loooove with the porch. The Manor's lookin' good.

  5. Looks so beautiful! I love the tree through the window. It looks so cozy!

  6. Ashli, it's beautiful. Love the tree in the window. Our tree in the library can be seen from the front too.

  7. It's beginning to look ALOT like the manor! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas tree in the window!

  8. That is beautiful! Your wreath on the door, your planter and your gorgeous tree in the window...all so pretty and festive! You've done a very nice job decorating. I bet everyone that walks and drives by your home admires your tree. What a treat for others to see and for you to enjoy! Happy 1st Christmas in your new home!

  9. How is it you don't have any snow?! I'm jealous. We got snow early this year and there's several feet of it already.
    I love the tree in the window, that is probably my favorite thing to see at Christmas. Your home is beautiful. :)



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