Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rock'in around the Christmas Tree

The lights are on, the bulbs are hung. No one fell off a ladder, SUCCESS!
Like I mentioned yesterday! This year (and for many years to come) we have an 11 foot Christmas Tree. With our vaulted ceilings we needed a BIG tree!
Finding one on a budget wasn't the easiest thing to do! We eventually found ours on Craigslist! A very nice woman was selling it, because all of her kids had moved out and It was a lot of tree to tackle by herself.
We Picked it up for a song :)
Here's she is, Lee says it's a she, because it's so big, like a boat haha.

Close up:
While we have many, many regular bulbs and decorations on the tree, every year I buy one super special ornament. Something lovely, something a little more expensive then our usual bulbs.
It's nice because we usually pick the ornament out together and each Christmas we reminisce about where we found each one.

Christmas Card Tester Shot:

Every year we also take a photo by the Christmas tree, usually I take tester shots, set the Camera up, get all the angles right, then add Lee (and hair and make-up for me ) when everything is just right! A few years ago we figured out that it worked better this way. Lee would get frustrated sitting in the same spot in uncomfortable clothes while I set up the SHOT, and with this being a new house, I didn't want to make the poor guy sit there while I figured out the best spot! So Here's a sneak Peek of our Christmas Photo, minus Lee, Hair, and Make-up : S

We also got busy on the stairs (wait that came out wrong). We got busy Decorating the stairs. Just some super cheap garland, and I mean super cheap, it's the $2 garland from Walmart. I added a few little red berries to the branches and secured it with red satin ribbon. 


  1. Your first tree in your new home...looks gorgeous! Enjoy! Janell

  2. The tree is beautiful!! Love the stairway as well. And, I have to say...now that I see the chairs in the house I actually like them!! Oh, and love that the Christmas paper matches the tree (giggles).

  3. The tree is beautiful! I wish we have a big space like yours. I love decorating christmas trees. Ours is 7 ft tall and it makes our living room so tight to walk around on ahahha.

  4. I had no clue they even made 11 ft fake christmas trees....holy smokes girl, you would have to rob the bank decorating that thing..no wonder you went and got the cheap stuff at walmart....you know I am joking right?

    It looks beautiful and the green is really a nice change, I haven't seen it in awhile.

  5. The tree is gorgeous! Craigslist is the bomb-diggity, isn't it? I'm loving all the other deocrations too. The garland really looks great. =]

    And I lol'd at got busy on the stairs. Haha! Seriously, everything looks beautiful. Nice work!

  6. Congratulations on your first tree in your new home! It's beautiful! Perfect for your house and so nicely decorated. I enjoyed the photo of you and Max.

  7. Looks fantastic you guys! LOVE it! Looks so lovely being such a tall tree in a large tall space! Your home is coming together so perfectly...can't wait for some organzation stuff in your new manor :) Happy Tuesday!

  8. It looks beautiful. We only have room for a tiny tree this year, but I love decorating for Christmas.

    Santa always gave my family a set of 4 matching (as in from the same set- not exactly the same) ornaments in our stockings each year. When my brother and I move/moved out, we got to take our own ornaments with us, so we had some familiar ornaments on the tree, and at least a few to get us started. It is a nice family tradition.

    Your house is gorgeous and I enjoy your blog. Hope to see you for a "triple date" soon.


  9. The tree is a beauty and so tall!
    I think the green wrapped gifts under the tree look fabulous.
    Can we please see the Christmas photo (with hair, make-up etc)?

  10. What a smart idea to to do a "test" shot! Love how you set it up. :)

  11. Great score on the tree! It really looks great all dressed up with the lights and ornaments. Nice to hear of your ornament tradition!

  12. Wow that is one massive tree and decorated to perfection it looks stunning all red and glowing. My house is too dusty with floor board sanding at the moment to put up the tree, might have to pass this year and envy everyone elses instead.

  13. Thanks everyone!!! It was a lot more work decorating 4 more feet of tree, but we are really happy with the results!! And I'll definitely post our "Family Photo"! :)

  14. looks wonderful!
    hey - i have a question - i'm looking at buying a townhouse in the maillardville area - what street were you living on, what t/h building, would you recommend that area, etc? i have tons of questions :) if you get a chance, could you let me know a bit about that area? I'm looking at Booth Ave and some others nearby.

  15. Beautiful!!! It turns out 11ft is just the right height of tree for your new house, I'm amazed at how great it looks! Enjoy enjoy enjoy. :)
    P.S. I hope Lee knows how lucky he is to have such a lovely decorator!

  16. What a gorgeous tree. It looks like it's straight out of a magazine. I love your garland on the staircase. I wish I was as ready for Christmas as you appear to be!



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