Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From our Family to Yours!

With it being the first week of December, every year that means I'm parked at the kitchen table, pen, address book, organizer and cards in hand sending out our Christmas cards!
We don't have a huge list, maybe around 60 but every year it seems to grow (god willing).
I really do wish I could send every reader a card! A simple Thank You for Following, thank you for commenting, thank you for your questions, suggestions, and kind words, and thank you for not pointing out all of my spelling and grammatical errors :) hehe

So, From our Family to Yours With Love!

(I'm not really sure why Lee is squinting in this picture, but I picked it because it was the only decent one of me, haha I'm the one compiling the cards I get final say) hehe

The reason we have two is:
The first one of Max goes out to everyone!
And the second one (of the three of us) only goes out to family! One to our parents, one to Grandparents. I figure the friends we see every week don't really need a picture of our mugs hanging around :) They know what we look like!

Here's a couple of out takes,
Mostly because Lee thought it would be funny to hold a cigar and have a drink in his hand, I think he just wanted an excuse to have a drink on a Tuesday night haha
I found it funny because there is no way in the world he'd smoke that inside the house haha I don't know where it even came from, but there he is beside the Christmas Tree Cigar and drink in hand!

This one was a close contender, it's the only one we have big smiles in, Max was making funny noises because my sister was squeaking a toy and he was dying to get it, made us giggle.
But alas,
I have a five head in this picture ( a five head is a really big fore head) so put the kibosh on this one!


  1. Awww...the card pictures are great! I love the one of little Max. Might have to print one for Kylee to pin up in her crate...she adores Max!! It's should see her expression when we show her pictures of him on the computer. I had to laugh because in one pic it looks like you are wearing footie pajamas, but it's just that your bottoms are covering your socks! LOL

  2. Great pictures! I've been meaning to introduce myself... I've been following your blog for some time now and just LOVE your style. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your new house too! I grew up down the street from Maillardville (by Dawes Hill) and that's how you first caught my attention! Anyways, Happy Holidays - your tree looks fantastic...

  3. Cute pics love the first one and last one :)

  4. Only you noticed the forhead! They all look great and I love the cigar one because it makes it look old fashioned.

    Very great pics.

  5. The last picture looks great! You DO NOT have a big forehead! Pictures are beautiful!

  6. Those are delightful photos and cards! You all look beautiful! Very festive in your fun PJs and I love Max's Christmas sweater.

  7. Adorable! You guys look great! Love the gift wrap...are they "real gifts?" or 'props'? I always wonder this!!
    Have a fantastic day!!

  8. What great photos! Merry Christmas to you too!

  9. thanks for sharing the Christmas cards. LOVE the one of Max and really like the last one of all of you.

  10. This is my first blog visit today and I'm so pleased because you have made me very happy looking at these great pics of your family.
    Loving every photo and the one of Max by the tree is superb. He really is a lttle star isn't he!
    If the presents under the tree are not props then you have done amazingly well to be so organised after moving.
    Thanks for sharing and a very happy Christmas to you and yours!!

  11. Thanks so much everybody!!
    I'm so glad you liked Max's Pic, and the pic's of us :)
    We are all Blushing!
    And no those are NOT fake presents, they are real! All my Christmas Shopping is now officially done! yay
    Thanks again for all the sweet comments
    Lots of Love

  12. Thank you for the Chrissy wishes. Best wishes to you and your fam for a year ahead filled with Luck Love and Laughter. Those cards are really fun how do you come up with all these great ideas?!

  13. Beautiful pictures, and what a lovely idea. :)

  14. Looking good my friend! Merry Christmas to you, Lee and Max!

    Many Blessings,



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