Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Lawn Care!

Since we're lucky enough to start with a brand new lawn we wanted to make sure we kept it beautiful . . . organically! Most of what is used to "help" lawns, degrades the soil and pollutes our waters so we're taking extra steps to make sure our lawn stays DRUG FREE, "just say No to chemical fertilizers!" haha

Instead of using Chemical Fertilizer on our lawn this Spring we used  CORN GLUTEN!
It worked AMAZING! If you take a peek at the part of our lawn that touches our neighbors, it's definitely darker, healthier, and it grows twice as fast. Our other neighbor used chemical fertilizers on their lawn and our lawn looks exactly the same!
It's super easy to spread on, you can just use your hand and sprinkle it evenly on your grass!
The little orange pellets dissolve over about a month!

Here's before:

Here's after the corn gluten!


  1. I'm in favor of earth-friendly lawn care, but I'm not sure I'd want our grass to grow twice as fast as it already does! :) How often do you mow?!

  2. Where did you find that? I'd definitely be interested in trying it if I can find it locally!

  3. We mow the lawn twice a week but that's only because Lee is Lawn crazy :) we could definitely get away with once a week!

    We found it at our local nursery, not like a home depot but an actual nursery, it was at both our local nurseries infact, I think it's fairly common :)
    hope that helps :)

  4. Yah for chemical-free fertilizer!

    We make our own compost (from lawn clippings, leaves, fruit & veggie left-overs,and chicken manure). We spread the compost over our lawn a couple times a year. The lawn loves the added nitrogen too!

  5. Good to know! I will have to see if we can find that locally.

  6. My husband would be all over that if he knew about it! He doesn't believe in using chemicals. Your garden beds are fabulous!


  7. Can we see the rest of your yard? The after pic is cut off. Am curious to see the rest of the yard.

  8. That's awesome!! I'm just afraid my dog would try to eat it!

  9. You can definitely see the rest of the yard, the next sunny day I'll snap some pic's. Looks like we won't have sun until the weekend so look for a monday or tuesday post !!! :)

    Max never tried to eat it, but my sisters dog gobbled up a couple pieces, she's still fine :) haha

  10. I love the little tower/ vegie climber things in the first pic!

    the lawn looks great

  11. this is very exciting! i don't own a home yet, and wont for about 5 years until we return home from sydney, australia, but i do have a weird folder on my computer called "future dream home ideas" this is definitely being added into that folder!

  12. Dropping in the check on you ~ I hope you guys are doing okay. xo



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