Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bathroom Progress

Can you believe this is all that's left of our computer room?

So, we've been working tirelessly on the Powder Room, formally known as the computer room. The realtors are coming today at 4 to take photos and everything has to be picture perfect in there.
I'm not going to lie, we've had some set backs, for example, Lee grabbed the white paint we have for trim and painted the wall with it :) I was going. . . to paint the room pale gray like the up stairs ensuite, but alas, there is no time to re paint. The pedestal sink we bought (for a steal by the way), the base is too small to cover the hole the previous owners left in the tile. Yes, instead of removing the very easily removable sink to tile, they just cut the tiles around it (insert angry face here).

But other then that it's gone swimmingly. Right now Lee's touching up paint, installed the toilet yesterday (also for a steal $40 low flow, dual flush, toilet from Home Depot, with warranty), the only thing that implied that the toilet was inexpensive was the plastic white handle, but with a less then $5 chrome handle the toilet now looks like a higher end fixture, bringing the grand total to $45.

We picked out a chrome faucet, for $12.25 also from Home Depot, I was amazed to say the least.

Bought the toilet paper dispenser from Homesense on clearance for $12.00 and the best part is we can take it with us when we move.

So that's what has been keeping us up until the wee hours of the morning, although ordering pizza and chinese food has been kinda fun, we have a weird tradition that anytime major reno's are happening we call for pizza or chinese, last night was chinese food, YUM.
Stay tuned for finished photos.


  1. Oh, no! I feel like I just *met* your computer room yesterday and it's already done. ;) I understand why you have to do it though. Love the fixtures you've chosen!

  2. I too am sad to see it go, but know it will find another home (can ya ship it here? :) Too bad about the tile...I hate when someone makes shortcuts like that. Is it ceramic tile, or linoleum? If it's linoleum can you find cheap stick on squares to redo the room? They are super easy to put down. What a steal on all of the fixtures!
    *Volleyball note-Katie scored the final point in the match (5 games) with a setter "fake", went up to set, dropped her right shoulder and killed the ball with her left. The other team stood with their jaws open! Thought you'd appreciate that as a "setter/right side". She still thinks it's soooo cool that you and Lee played!

  3. You both are working so hard and you are both so handy. You're amazing how you get everything fixed up. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom!

  4. I just recently started following your blog and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites! I look forward to seeing the powder room finished, but I'll miss that computer room - so cute!

  5. oh i love your tp dispenser... I couldn't find one like that and wound up having to shell out almost 40 for one that had a magazine thinger on front and an "extra roll" spike on back. It sits beside my bed with my book, knitting, and "kleenex" until my bathroom reno is done.



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