Monday, July 19, 2010

Coffee Table Chic!

If you missed our Living Room Re-Do you can catch it here. If you've already seen it, you would have noticed our hit of green from our coffee table decor. It wasn't easy deciding what to use and in our house there is always a plethora of accessories to choose from.
One of my tricks to decide whether or not something looks good is to take a picture of it in place (thank goodness for digital camera's). So I thought I would share the 8 different looks we went through to find our hit of green.
First is our Natural Yellow choice. Two Yellow gerber daisy's in a bud vase, some yellow books for added color and a piece of "coral" (fake out).

Next is Chrome Plane Yellow. Same Yellow gerbers and books but with my favorite chrome accessory, Lee's plane.

Next is our Rustic, French Yellow  coffee table decor. Same Yellow gerbers, same yellow books but we added a rustic crown-like flower pot with the cutest little fleur de lis.

Then we have our Yellow Birdies look. Same yellow gerbers, same yellow books, but with the sweetest little white ceramic birdies. I love all thing white and ceramic so this was a huge contender for me.

Last yellow look I promise, Same yellow gerbers, same yellow books but with a little model airplane. During the winters Lee likes to build models (withdrawal from working on motorcycles and cars). I love this little plane he built and with the little  yellow accents it fit in perfectly with our last yellow look.

Next is our Greeny Yellow airplane decor. Same yellow books, different flowers! This little bouquet added some more white (something the living room didn't need anymore of) but also added some nice greenery. Same little plane (I love that little plane).

Then I kind of just gave up a bit and put a big bouquet on the coffee table. It looked very nice, tied in the orange color of the fireplace but was way too big and made it difficult to see the T.V. Lee was not happy!

Last we have the look we went with, Green. Since we just did the mudroom in green and the living room is the first room we see coming up the stairs from the mudroom it seemed like a natural choice. And we could use the beautiful orchid I bought 3 months ago. ($12 from  Home Depot for the Orchid $6 from Home Depot for the pot).

It was so much fun coming up with different looks for the coffee table, even if most of them involved the same yellow flowers and books. Once our orchid kicks the bucket we'll have to choose one of the other looks to grace our living room. Any help deciding would be very appriciated!



  1. if you are anything like me (getting bored to see the same arrangements very quickly) then you'll get to enjoy them all!
    I, like you, spend a lot of my time at my home so I want it to be beautiful, yet slightly different from time to time. Flowers seem to do the trick! On a budget. Or some greenery from the garden when there is no budget at all for decoration (unfortunately the most frequent senario!)

  2. I enjoy your current look, then the yellow with the white ceramic birdies and the yellow with the coral. Your style is so clean and simple I love it!

  3. i like the little birdies, but I also love the green theme. Interesting choices of books too :)

  4. Thanks so much! I love second opinions Lee says I need a second opinion on everything from doctors to toilet paper.
    I chose the books from my collection because of their color haha :)
    Although, "Slow death by Rubber Duck" was a fantastic book!

  5. I just discovered your blog and I'm loving it. Your home is adorable!!

  6. I too having been playing around with our coffee table look, lol and am writing a post about to too! Love all the looks you came up with fresh lowers always brighten up a table and room :)

  7. In the midst of all this "clean" look , a punch of color w/ one of the bright fuschia orchids would look spectacular.I especially love "Lady Pink" she looks like you took a brush and painted the white petals w/ the bright pink.Don't be afraid of color,it can be very effective and gorgeous when used as an accent and avoids a common decorating mistake of blandness.



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