Monday, June 14, 2010

Martha on Monday: Canaries

Looking trough martha's website I found some birdcage cover inspiration. Carson was needing a cover very badly. Birds need it to be dark to sleep. The cover also protects them from any drafts that might sweep through the house while we are sleeping. Another important consideration is, the cover helps Lee and Me sleep later in the mornings, otherwise Carson would get up with the sun and then I would have to get up with the sun, and then nobody would be happy.
I used tea towel material from the fabric store to make Carson's cover. It's heavy enough to drape well, but light enough to let air circulate. I love the yellow stripes down the front, they match Carson's feathers.

I loved Martha's version, I'm missing the little clasps on the front but I'm going to wait and see if they are necessary before I spend the money and time sewing them in, but otherwise I copied martha's as closely as I could. You can find Martha's version with full instructions HERE.


  1. Pretty! I think your version is perfect for your style. Love the yellow stripes, they really make it!

  2. Thanks I'm not a great sewer so it was a little hard for me, I also love the yellow stripes I figured because Carson is Yellow the stripes should be too.



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