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Thursday, May 23, 2013

4 Steps to an Organized Coat Closet

I set out to organize our coat closet . . . it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. In fact it was pretty simple.
First we installed a simple wire shelving system, you can buy packaged systems, rubbermaid makes a good one. Or you can buy the individual pieces like we did, from stores like Home Depot and Lowes.
I usually don't like the wire systems but I chose one for our coat closet for a reason. Because our coat closet on the main floor is where we keep all of our "everyday" shoes. There are no high heels, or men's dress shoes in our main coat closet, just runners, and boots, shoes that Lee wears to work (a cross between hiking shoes and dress shoes), and flats. Our everyday shoes get dirtier than our dress shoes, and if I had chosen solid shelves (either wood or MDF) they would get muddy and dirty and I would have to clean them off. Wire shelves don't leave a lot of surface space to get collect dirt. The wire shelves also allow the circulation of air around the soles of the shoes drying off wet bottoms.

After we installed the wire shelves, I was able to organize the closet in 4 steps:


Step 1: Hooks

Every well organized closet needs a couple of hooks. The back of the door would have been wasted space. I usually have a tote bag and a scarf hanging from them

Step 2: Seasonal Storage

I think all coat closets could use a basket or box for seasonal items. In the summer we keep our snow boots, and all of our mittens and toques, knitted scarves . . . and a couple of Max's winter sweaters (don't laugh he's very tiny and needs a little sweater, the fact that it has a monkey on it is just for fun). In the summer we keep our flips flops and sunscreen in the basket . . . because we live in Canada and there is NO need for flip flops in the winter unless you wear them with socks . . . so classy.
*basket is from Michaels.

Step 3: Baskets

These two little baskets are from The Real Canadian Superstore. They are the same baskets from our townhouse bathroom. They are the perfect addition to our coat closet. They catch all the hats, and mitts, and toques, all the essentials for a Canadian winter. In the summer we use them to hold a cotton scarf or two, sunscreen and our ball caps.

Step 4: Somewhere to store re-usable shopping bags

We all try to use our re-usable bags and storing them can be a bit awkward around here. I use to store them in the car . . . which was great but while they were in the house they would always be sitting on top of the front hall console, or in the mudroom on top of the machines. They aren't the prettiest of things and I didn't like seeing them on the counter or table tops.
This little wire basket is meant to work with the wire shelving systems, and we use it to hold our shopping bags! Because I have to go into the coat closet to get my shoes before I leave the house . . . I never forget my re-usable bags!
Your family is probably different than mine . . . so your coat closet might have different needs . . . for example you might need extra hooks, or extra baskets. You might need two or three baskets/boxes for your seasonal storage. But I really do think that these are the 4 parts that every coat closet needs.

Bonus Step 5: Matching hangers

Ikea sells hangers for amazing prices, grab a couple packs . . . spend less than $10, and wow yourself with your pretty closet! ;) haha

Bonus Step 6: Key Hooks

We have our key hooks beside our front hall console, but if you don't have a console a couple of small hooks in your coat closet would be very useful!
Anyone have any other Coat Closet organizing tips??? I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Organizing the bits and pieces!

In every home there are pretty things to organize and there are the not so pretty things that need to be organized! This is a post about the not so pretty.
I received an email last month calling me out on not sharing the ugly, and it was true I glossed over where we store the not so pretty but totally necessary parts of home. The light bulbs, batteries and a host of other paraphernalia that goes into making a home run smoothly. But no more, I've written about the good, I've written about the bad, and now, I'll write about the ugly.
In short, it's stored here:
Our front hall console stores most of the ugly. Before our laundry room remodel, where we lost an entire cabinet, the ugly use to live there. After the remodel we moved it into the empty console.
In the top left drawer we keep a little Ikea tool kit (btw, one of the handiest things I've ever bought). Lee has more than his fair share of fancy tools in the garage but a small set in the house is really handy and nice. We also keep a couple of flashlights,some sticky felt furniture pads, some lint rollers, tape, a lighter for candles (usually there are two lighters but our other one just died), and some super glue, we got through a surprising amount of super glue. We also have a 'wood marker' in the same tone as our floor, in case we get a scratch we can cover it up. And the small yellow case beside it is a bunch of exacto knives, those are really handy to have around.
On the left, the second drawer down stores our batteries and our light bulbs.
The battery organizer is from Harbor Freight.

The bottom drawer on the left, houses some of our DIY bits and pieces. Most of our DIY tools (like drywall tools, levels, paint trays, saws etc...) live in the garage in a tool box, specifically marked HOME. But we do keep a few home tools inside, like a couple of paint rollers, tape, paint brushes, caulk, a couple of hooks and some drywall sponges for sanding (although those will end up in the HOME box when I get a second to move them).
But most importantly, the bottom drawer houses our touch up paint supply. Because all of our wall colors are made by Martha Stewart we were able to buy tester pots of paint (on sale) and we keep those for touch ups. They're the perfect amount, they are sealed up really well, and there's a little paintbrush inside attached to the lid!
In the jute baskets we hold our candles and candle holders.
Since making my own soy candles we have a lot of candles in jars hanging around, so now they take up both baskets in the console.
As for the right side of the console two drawers are empty and one drawer holds Max's, shirts, leashes, collars, errr. . . poop bags.

I believe that if you make room for it, it will come into your life. So, I'm very conscious of not filling up every nook and cranny in our home. Since we want to add children to our lives, I like to make sure I have made room for those children. I imagine, little toques and mittens in those leftover drawers. :)

Next project, organizing our CD's, and DVD's.  We need to get rid of some using, and then we'll decide on a space and a system for the rest.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tweet, Tweet Here's your keys!

I seriously had no idea what to name this post, so here goes "Tweet, Tweet, here's your keys" the name will make sense in a second . . . . . .or maybe not :)

As we get settled into the new house and start getting our routines down, I started looking for patterns. My philosophy with organizing has always been "See where it lands then organize it". I've found that making an organized space for example a coat closet, doesn't actually mean it will get used, especially if you don't come in anywhere near it.
So I waited to see where we would naturally want to put our stuff down. Turns out it's the mudroom/laundry room, and somehow the keys always end up on the console table. So first things first I needed some key hooks.
But since the console table is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door they would have to be really nice key hooks, ever tried to find really nice key hooks? it's not easy. But I did it!
holding for applause . . . . . . 
I found these super adorable key hooks from Urban Barn they are made by UMBRA so cute!!

The magnet is super strong it can hold up Lee's keys and he has a trillion! Plus it can hold other things too. You can use them just like little hooks to hold a jacket or a scarf, and the little birdy beak can hold mail or paper, a little honey do list so he's sure not to forget it on his way out : )

It kind of makes me feel like Cinderealla or Snow white, you know, little birdies helping you get ready in the morning :) hehe Or maybe I'm just sniffing too many paint fumes, can that happen with low VOC paint? hmmmmm . . . . . . Maybe I'm just a little nutty :) Hope you liked them as much as I do.
Tweet tweet here's your keys, geez

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall: Towels

Here's our next installment of Getting Ready for Fall. We'll be doing this series of posts through next week, check back to see the Manor prepare for fall.

Today we hung a towel beside the mudroom entrance, come fall it rains a lot here, I mean a lot, a lot, 44 inches a year to be exact. And while our lawns are green, they can also be very muddy, and even though Max is very tiny, the little monster can drag in more then his fair share of dirt. The towel is there to wipe dirty paws, or a quick mop up of water our rain boots drag in.

Having a towel beside the entrance is extra important for us, we have carpeted steps going up to the main floor and muddy paws just wouldn't do.
The Towel holder is from Homesense, it was on sale for $3.00. The towel is also from Homesense and matches the Green Stripes in the Mudroom perfectly.
To read more about our Mudroom follow the link.

Check back tomorrow to see the Powder Room Reveal.

In the meantime we'll keep busy, getting ready for fall.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mudroom Reveal

Well it's been a long time coming but we finally finished our mudroom/ front entrance. It's really a hybrid of the two, since it's the only entrance to our house technically it's a front entrance. But because it's the only entrance we needed it function, well, like a mudroom.

The room is only 4 feet by 5 feet and that included the closet space. It had bi-fold doors on the closet. The doors took up way too much space when opened and made the already tiny room smaller when closed, so the first thing we did was remove them.
Once the doors were off we Lee painted Large Green Stripes on the wall using Martha Stewarts new line of paint. We used her Bay Leaf color and I couldn't be more in love with it. Lee also said he really liked her paint, it went on smoothly, although bubbled a bit when rolling, he suggested using a foam roller when painting. As an added bonus, we only had to purchase a $5 tester and that was enough for the stripes. Talk about big impact, low price.

Then we installed a simple, very inexpensive closet unit. I know they aren't the most attractive unit's but the price was right, and with a few lovely baskets they looked a lot nicer.

We installed a mirror for a quick hair checks on the way out the door, but to add a little extra to it, we ordered a vinyl decal from Etsy. The decal came in four pieces. The Big M was one, The Malinek Family was another and Established 2006 was another. In case you were wondering why 2006 it's because we were married in January of 2006.

Underneath the mirror are these fabulous Ikea hooks. Because the room is so tiny, any amount of saved space is welcomed, even if it is only an inch. These little hooks unfold to hold jackets and purses, and fold away to save space when they aren't in use. Genius, Ikea has such smart ideas sometimes.

Of coarse you remember the boot tray project from Mondays Post. I love the boot tray so much I still wanted to show you more pictures about it! It's pretty and functional. And anytime function and style meet makes me happy!

We also added two little hooks, also from Ikea, to hang the dog leash from.

So there is our Mudroom. I tried to add as much style without compromising at all on the function. And all on a budget.
Budget Breakdown:
Mirror: Home Depot $19.99
Decal: Etsy $12.99
Hooks: Ikea $10.00 / 3
Leash Hooks: Ikea$4.99/ 2
Closet unit: Home Depot $40.00
Baskets: Ikea $45.00 /3 ($14.99 each)
Boot Tray Project: (Rocks Ikea, tray Bed Bath and Beyond) $17.50
Small Baskets: Ikea $18.00 /3 ($5.99 each)
Hangers: $5.99
Paint: Home Depot $4.99 (Martha Stewart's Bay Leaf)

Grand Total: $179.45

Oh, and Max Loves the New Mudroom too:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Boot Tray

This weekend was full of projects here at the Manor, I'm actually looking forward to Monday so I can relax a bit. For one we have almost finished our Mudroom/Foyer. I am so excited to show you the final result but alas a four day weekend was not enough to finish completely, check back on Wednesday to see the final product.
You've probably caught your first peek of my latest project on the new Header, but here's the details.
I am so in love with this boot tray (hmmm... there's something I never thought I'd say). We live in beautiful British Columbia where it rains, A LOT! We wear our gum boots more then we wear our flip flops that's for sure. So we needed a boot tray. But if you have to have something in your home you might as well make it as beautiful as possible.
While I love the final product, in the interest of full disclosure I really wanted to use a tin tray, but I could not find one that would fit Lee's Boots (Size 14) and so I bought a $10 black plastic one instead (function over fashion).
The rocks are great because they allow the boots to dry off faster by letting the water drip away from them instead of pooling up underneath. I purchased the plastic Tray from Bed Bath and Beyond (obviously part of their beyond section) for $10, and the rocks from Ikea at $1.49 a bag the project required 5 bags.
So for a grand total of $17.50 I have a functional, stylish boot tray that would brighten any rainy day.

Here it is in it's place downstairs in our Mudroom! The days of stepping in puddles of water are gone.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Martha on Monday: Closet

This week's Martha on Monday is on bedroom closets. We have recently organized our bedroom closets, got rid of a lot of clothes that we don't wear, or like, or fit (come back on Thursday to see our closet reveal). But all weekend I was searching for inspiration and tips on organizing a bedroom closet and found there is no better place then Martha Stewarts Website.

Image via Martha Stewart 

Image via Martha Stewart

Martha has a great article on her site about organizing your closets and drawers, you can find it here.
I can't wait to show you our closet redo's this week, although they don't look as nice as Martha's I'm sure you'll still enjoy them!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Organize Your Keys

Have you ever had to search for your spare house key to give to the dog sitter, only to give up looking and give them your own, hoping your spouse makes it home that night before you do.
I have!
After Lee got home and let me in! I decided some Keys hooks were in order.


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