Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wallpaper Love

I will never understand why men don't like wallpaper!
How can you not love wallpaper?? This room re-do is all the proof I need to show that wallpaper is awesome! haha

We received an email last week from Johanna (from Sweden) telling us that our home had influenced the design of her dining area and nook. She thanked us for the inspiration and send us a couple photos of her space . . . .
I have no idea why she is thanking us for the inspiration because this room is way cooler than our house! I LOVE that wallpaper. And although we have a round dining table, I am a sucker for a long rectangle table to seat family and friends at. And you know I have a soft spot in my heart for tulips in white vases, and apples in white bowls!
She let us know she did it all on a budget:
-The Table and Chairs were off of a Swedish version of Craigslist . . . for the Canadian equivilent of $155.
-The carpet was made by Johanna's husband's grandmother a long time ago (The red stripes are beautiful with the colorful wallpaper). 
-And  the wallpaper is from a collection named Wallpaper By Scandinavian designers and you can find the entire collection here: http://www.borastapeter.com/sv/hitta-tapet/kollektioner/254

Thank you so much for sending us your room Johanna!!! I am definitely the one who is inspired now!!!


  1. I don't know that men don't like wallpaper; but a lot of people don't like it. I love it and wish to see more of it myself.

  2. I think that I'm mostly afraid of installing wallpaper. If it was a bit easier, then I'd probably paper every room in the house!

    Love the colourful dining space! I wish I was as brave as Johanna!


  3. Haha yes... My boyfriend certainly hates it! Probably because he loathes the day he might have to rip it all off..!

  4. I think it's the installation, and/or removal of the paper, not the paper itself so much. I am also in love with that rug, my grandmother used to make them also, a simple rustic craft that I appreciate so much!

  5. A beautiful room, love the wallpaper and rug.I think men don't like wallpaper because they either have to hang or rip it down. Both ways its alot of work.

  6. Beautiful room. And, I have to say that today's wallpapers are sooo much prettier than they were 20 years ago (we have sinced striped all of those off the wall). I think what scares most away from wallpaper is the commitment...it is NOT easy to put up or take down!!

  7. The wallpaper effect is really something. The overall look of the interior just transformed with this addition. Even the interior decorations are looking absolutely amazing.

  8. It's taking down the wallpaper that is awful. I LOVE the look of wallpaper, but have had to remove far too much of it when purchasing homes over the years so I never use it. This pattern is very pretty though, but it is very taste-specific.

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