Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pet Drawer

It's not pretty . . . but it's a very necessary part of our house. It's amazing how much stuff a 5 lb dog and a bird that weighs less than an ounce need, but there you have it.
We use to throw all our pet stuff in the drawer, it was a big 'ol mess.
It was definitely time to conquer and organize. Some round plastic containers from the dollar store, a big rubbermaid container, a couple of oxo containers and we had organized chaos!
1) For all of Carson's different types of seed, I used a label maker to mark each container, and if the seed needed instructions I wrote those on the label maker, and stuck those on the lid too.
2) The Rubbermaid container holds Corn Cobb bedding for the bottom of Carson's cage. We made sure to get a container that fits a full bag of bedding!!
3) The oxo containers are for Max. The big one holds his teeny tiny kibble, and the small one holds his treats.
4) The two small boxes on the right hold Max's dishes and his travel water bottle.

So it's nothing super pretty but it is super functional! Originally we stored the bird seed and bedding in the library where the bird cage is, but every time we cleaned the cage we would have to drag it into the kitchen, so it just made more sense to store it in there!
I wanted to tackle this project first thing this year, it definitely simplified our cage cleaning routine! Not to mention it's much better to look at than a bunch of half empty bags rolling around in a drawer!

I've shown you mine, I'd love to know where you store your pet necessities!!!


  1. Isn't it incredible how much stuff our small pets need?! I have a guinea pig and invested in a nice big basket with a lid so we can keep his stuff in the same room as his cage. My dog has stuff everywhere, but I've corralled his treats into one basket in a kitchen cabinet which is helpful.

  2. should see the size bins our brood needs! Fortunately, Toby and Tyler now at least eat the same dry food, so we reduced on bin. Now, if I can only figure out a better way to corral Kylee's toys that she seems to drag out everywhere!

  3. So smart! That's a lot of different seed for your bird! We have everything for our pup in a basket - this looks MUCH better than my (terrible) system! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, that is very organized! We just have 1 little chihuahua. Her food and treats are stored on the bottom shelf of the pantry since we feed her in the kitchen and her dishes are out all day. Then her leash, poo bags, sweater, and travel dish are in a newspaper woven basket on a shelf by our front door. That way everything is close to where we use it.

  5. Ashli, you have perfect timing! My husband & I got a puppy in November, and her things are quickly taking over! I've just been piling them up on a shelf in our kitchen pantry, but clearly, this is not a good long-term solution. Thanks for the inspiration, and little reminder/push that I need to check this off my to-do list!

  6. Very functional! We store our dog's (Jack Russell) food and treats in the pantry on the bottom. The cat's food and litter is stored in our master bathroom since that is where the litter box and his food bowl are. The hermit crab food, salt, and other stuff are kept in a basket in a drawer in the living room console. I need to find another place for these though as we have recently had to relocate the crabs to another place in the house.

  7. We have a basket on a shelf as you head down to the laundry room full of Griffon's "stuff" such as his sweater, collars, brush, clippers. We hang his leash and night light he wears in the evening and then his food is kept in an Ikea pail with a lid right beside his bowls. I think we're pretty organized for the big guy.

  8. If you are confused about this "night light" its just a tiny light we clip onto his collar when we go for evening walks after dark. :-)

  9. Your pet drawer is so neat and organized. We have one dog and two cats and no organized systems for their stuff at all. I really need a designated space and after seeing your set-up, I'm putting that on my project list for this year.
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. My little guy has one of those super handy travel bottles too! I don't know what my life was without that thing!

  11. I want to see the before! :)

  12. You know what I am dying to see, is where do you put all of your out of season/items you're not decorating with right now? I live in a teeny, tiny apartment and struggle with this. I don't always need 3 glass cloches out and just need better storage ideas.

    Seriously, if you didn't live all the way in BC, I'd hire you to come organize my classroom!

    1. I will definitely get working on a post about where we keep the out of season and frequently used items!!! :)
      Thanks for the idea! If you have any other ideas send them my way!!
      Lots of Love

  13. Quite helpful posting. Anyway, i've a question that my cat had a litter of kittens about 5 weeks ago. They eat their food, but they also go straight to the litter box to eat that. How to i get them to stop? Any sugestion ? i read that they can die from eating the kitty litter.



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