Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

I LOVE January 1st! LOVE it! On December 31st I really do believe that I could accomplish anything the next year. So in 2013 I will become a doctor/ astronaut!
But aside from my doctor/ astronaut career goals, I thought I'd share how we did on last years resolutions. As well as some of our resolutions for this year!!!

1) Save more Money this year. 
2) Put more effort into my everyday wardrobe.
Definitely made progress, but still a little ways to go.
3) Make Lee's lunches more interesting.
4) Try more new recipes.
Super Check. 
5) Wake up earlier.
We were on a really good roll by November (a 5am wake up roll). But December threw us all off schedule. So we'll have to re-start that!
6) Travel More.
We didn't really accomplish this one . . . so we'll move it to this year. 
7) Finally make a decision about expanding our little family!
Almost there (decision wise). 
8) Be Greener.
We definitely accomplished that in our home. No chemical fertilizers on the lawn, Low VOC paints, composting, recycling, making our own cleaners, etc. . . 
9) Celebrate Bigger
We definitely made an effort to celebrate bigger! Lee's Birthday was a big celebration, and we actually went out on Valentine's Day this year ;) 
10) Dedicate more time to the blog
I didn't get to spend as much time as I would like . . . but definitely more time than 2011! 

This year I have only ONE resolution . . .


I know it sounds like a bit of a vague, all encompassing resolution. But it's based on what we need in 2013. 2012 was Crazy!!! Lee was super busy at work this year! We decided to share a car to be greener and to save extra money in 2012. While it was greener, and it did save us money . . . it ate up all our free time! I would have to run all of our errands between 7 and 9pm. Things I would normally handle during the day while Lee was at work, I had to do in the evenings. The cost benefit wasn't worth the time loss. So we are searching for a second car. Sometimes simplifying doesn't mean cutting out, but adding. 
I want to simplify my blog routine, my cleaning routine, our kitchen cupboards . . . the storage under the stairs, the garage. I want get rid of anything that we don't need, pick up anything we do. Grow closer to friends. Finally nail down a personal style for my wardrobe. I still can't resist a puffy skirt although it sits unworn in my closet, while I've worn holes through my one pair of skinny jeans. 

Generally I want to feel on top of it all! Many who are older and wiser than I am, would tell me that you can never be on top of it all, but trying doesn't hurt. :)
So there it is, I want to simplify so that I can stay on top of it all.  ;)

2013 Project: This year I want to take a picture a day. Just something everyday, I'll share them on Fridays and Saturday's each week! I am guilty of only taking pictures of the good, but I think a little impromptu photography would be a nice change. :)


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see your impromptu photos.!

  2. Happy New Year! I've loved seeing what you were up to in 2012 & look forward to seeing more in 2013!

  3. Happy New Year Ashli! And, I totally understand. 2011 my word was Simplify (and we did, and still are), last year it was Quality (focusing on quality not quatity)...this year...will be a little of both and some more quiet time, time to just sit and reflect or read or daydream.

  4. Happy New Year. Love the photo idea. Looking forward to your posts.

    I'm just wondering about your car situation. Would it be possible for him to take public transport in order to keep saving that money or for you to drive him to work (extra time together) so you have to car during the day?

    1. Happy New Year to you!!! :)
      Lee works all over the Greater Vancouver area and can commute up to an hour to get to work some days. It would cost us an arm and a leg in gas to drive him and pick him up each day. Not to mention that I would loose almost 2 hours a day doing it.
      As for Public Transportation . . . We live in the suburbs and if Lee had to take public transit to the office it would be almost a 2 1/2 hour commute each way, instead of 45 min to 1 hour. As well, he does go to different areas and companies frequently, these days he's hardly in the office at all.
      Thanks for thinking of us though. It was a hard decision to get another car, but I think that it will make life a little less hectic for us! :)
      Lots of Love in the New Year!

  5. I love the start of a new year too. To me, it's like a fresh clean slate. I've been on a simplify/downsize mode for a couple of months now and will continue to do that in the next few months.
    Happy New Year!

  6. There's a Canadian astronaut on the Space Station right now. :) You could be the next one!

    It was cool hearing about your goals that you accomplished in the past year and what you're looking to do in 2013. I haven't formally written down my goals yet, but I will. :) Happy new year!

  7. Hi there, love your blog! My word for 2013 is reduce. Reduce general possessions, reduce clothes, reduce commitments (I'm always agreeing to stuff I don't really want to do!) and reduce my poor food choices (not giving up chocolate just trying to reduce the consumption).

  8. I just love Jan 1st too. It's nice looking into other people's aspirations as it inspires me to no end. Good luck with keeping it simple, I have always carried that goal with me and I look forward to your photos!

  9. great goal for 2013, also like the idea of reduce, Happy New Year hope it brings all good things your way

  10. LOve your word Simplify..reduce..get rid of..me to..we just moved from Kentucky to Florida and REALLY need to do all of the above. We moved from a 3 story home with a big storage area in basement and a huge barn to a house on a slab foundation with no storage. Somedays I feel like I am being swallowed up with "stuff". As I am trying to find room for the stuff I want to keep I am filling totes with yard sale and Craigslist items. Come Spring I am having a huge clearance sale! I love reading your blog and find inspiration in your ideas and have actually used a few of them in my new place. I still want to do the barn door and fireplace ideas. Happy New Year!

  11. I wish you a ☆ :: * Happy-New-Year * :: ☆ From Japan. Ryoma Sakamoto.

  12. Looking forward to your 2013 blog. . I know it will be great. Happy New Year!!

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  14. Have youread the gardeners cottage blog , written by janet in ca? I love her blog, i love your blog and think you will feel a connection to her super simple, frugal but amazingly stylish lifestylr

  15. I think feeling like things are under control and set routines are great. An Aussie lady (retired) who lives one hour outside Brisbane, Australia hascwritten a wonderful book called Down to Earth which is based on er blog. Her name is Rhonda. She has also released an e-book version now. Whilst a lot of things might not relate to you like chickens growing veggies etc lots of things in the book is right up your alley so check it out regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. Oh My!!! I LOVE a good book recommendation!!! Thank you so much Kathy!
      I'm on my way to Buy it now!!!
      Thanks again!!!
      Lots of Love in the New Year!

  16. I don't live anywhere near any urban area but I know you are "near" Vancouver and you might be able to take advantage of a Car Sharing service like ZipCar or Cars2Go. It made the news today because Avis bought ZipCar.

  17. Happy New Year!
    Oh, I feel as if I could embrace all of your list as my resolutions for new year and for life -- they are so aspire worthy. So instead, i'll just settle for embracing you, and wishing you the best. remember, you've got some serious muscle cheering you from the sidelines here in Toronto.
    Rah rah rah!!!
    Feel the love, I :)

  18. that's our family resolution this year too! simplify. and you are right sometimes it means adding not subtracting. i tell people simplifying makes things EASIER on you. so what if you bought cookies from the bakery for your sons school party instead of homemade, if it made your life easy do it. me i would fret that i didnt cook and decorate them, so even tho it means more of my time its less mentally taxing for me, but each and every person is different. i took 9 (YES nine) bags of clothes to Goodwill yesterday, and that was just mine and hubsters i havent gotten to buckeroo's yet! and with getting cert'd to foster in february (yes finally more kiddos) i absolutely NEED to learn to simplify, this will be such a lerning curve for me. so happy that you and Lee are closer to a decision on expanding your family!!

  19. I can't reply to your reply :P, but I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to reply. I figured you had a good reason, but I just in case. All the best to you guys in 2013. Looking forward to read more post. I love your blog very much

    (AnonymousJanuary 1, 2013 7:54 AM) :)



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