Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Organizing the bits and pieces!

In every home there are pretty things to organize and there are the not so pretty things that need to be organized! This is a post about the not so pretty.
I received an email last month calling me out on not sharing the ugly, and it was true I glossed over where we store the not so pretty but totally necessary parts of home. The light bulbs, batteries and a host of other paraphernalia that goes into making a home run smoothly. But no more, I've written about the good, I've written about the bad, and now, I'll write about the ugly.
In short, it's stored here:
Our front hall console stores most of the ugly. Before our laundry room remodel, where we lost an entire cabinet, the ugly use to live there. After the remodel we moved it into the empty console.
In the top left drawer we keep a little Ikea tool kit (btw, one of the handiest things I've ever bought). Lee has more than his fair share of fancy tools in the garage but a small set in the house is really handy and nice. We also keep a couple of flashlights,some sticky felt furniture pads, some lint rollers, tape, a lighter for candles (usually there are two lighters but our other one just died), and some super glue, we got through a surprising amount of super glue. We also have a 'wood marker' in the same tone as our floor, in case we get a scratch we can cover it up. And the small yellow case beside it is a bunch of exacto knives, those are really handy to have around.
On the left, the second drawer down stores our batteries and our light bulbs.
The battery organizer is from Harbor Freight.

The bottom drawer on the left, houses some of our DIY bits and pieces. Most of our DIY tools (like drywall tools, levels, paint trays, saws etc...) live in the garage in a tool box, specifically marked HOME. But we do keep a few home tools inside, like a couple of paint rollers, tape, paint brushes, caulk, a couple of hooks and some drywall sponges for sanding (although those will end up in the HOME box when I get a second to move them).
But most importantly, the bottom drawer houses our touch up paint supply. Because all of our wall colors are made by Martha Stewart we were able to buy tester pots of paint (on sale) and we keep those for touch ups. They're the perfect amount, they are sealed up really well, and there's a little paintbrush inside attached to the lid!
In the jute baskets we hold our candles and candle holders.
Since making my own soy candles we have a lot of candles in jars hanging around, so now they take up both baskets in the console.
As for the right side of the console two drawers are empty and one drawer holds Max's, shirts, leashes, collars, errr. . . poop bags.

I believe that if you make room for it, it will come into your life. So, I'm very conscious of not filling up every nook and cranny in our home. Since we want to add children to our lives, I like to make sure I have made room for those children. I imagine, little toques and mittens in those leftover drawers. :)

Next project, organizing our CD's, and DVD's.  We need to get rid of some using, and then we'll decide on a space and a system for the rest.


  1. Goodness, you have managed to make the ugly look pretty darn good! Love your organization throughout the house. Very inspiring!

  2. Well, I don't store them like that! Hubby would have that torn apart in no time and the Kid would have done his own re-arranging. I wish, sigh. Thanks for the inspiration though!

  3. I have a cabinet over my fridge dedicated to light bulbs and other larger “uglies” and a drawer by the phone for small things. It sounded like a good idea when I set it up because the cabinet over the fridge seemed like wasted space; but, it is deep and hard to reach things even with a step latter. It never occurred to me to use a piece of furniture…great idea!

  4. ok where do you store Max's food !Lol

  5. Thanks for showing the ugly. Only, as usual, in your lovely house it's not as ugly as in most of ours. I need that battery organizer. I've never been able to get a good system to store them and never know which ones I'm out of!

  6. The "ugly" in your house makes my organization-loving heart go pitter-patter. *le sigh*

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It reminds me of this directive by Tom Sachs. Always be Knolling!

  7. Mostly in the unfinished basement.- Some ( the lawnmower battery) lives in the garage & the flashlights are in the laundry room.( Except the one in my bedside table-it would be bad to have a power failure when we're upstairs & the flashlight is downstairs as our staircase doesn't have windows)

  8. That definitely is not ugly! Oh gosh, our house is a mess!

  9. Our "ugly" is not nearly that organized! There are a few drawers in our kitchen that house light bulbs, tape, furniture felt, etc. There are tools in our garage and basement. Our spare paint brushes are in a grocery bag in our coat closet (no idea why), and most of my candles are stored under the sink in our powder room. So random... would be good to consolidate those things into one spot! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. Where is the console table from? It is just what I have been looking for.

    Found your site from and am so glad I did. :)

  11. I'm ashamed to say...

    ...that it's taken 18 months to 'blend' mine and my fiance's items together. And since we're moving most of our 'want to keep' stuff is in storage, until we move to New England.

    So I have no mess, besides all the stuff that goes with selling & buying a house.

    I used to be organized, hope to again once I'm settled into my new normal.

  12. i've always wondered what really was lurking in that big old console. thank you for putting my curious little heart at rest, lol!



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