Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Handbuilt Home by Ana White

There are a lot of DIY books out there right now. I'm sure you've been just as bombarded as I have with book endorsements and blog posts.
I'm not going to rattle off a list of all the DIY books out there, I just wanted to share with you my favorite one, The Handbuilt Home! It's awesome!!! There are some amazing projects, organized into price and skill level. My favorite project was this amazing kitchen island on wheels, seriously awe worthy!
Don't let the pink binding fool you, I've caught Lee on numerous occasions over the past few weeks sneaking peeks at the projects. I've kept it out on the coffee table and so far every man who has visited has picked it up, thumbed through it and had at least one or two projects to show their wives!
All of the projects are beautiful and functional, and the way they are described (just like they are on Ana White's Site) make them seem very achievable . . . dare I say Easy??? 

I loved the whole thing, but if I had to say one thing about it . . .
It is a great book for couples, the men love the drawings and technical side of it (cut lists, etc) and women love the beautiful styling! It's win win! 
I hope you'll give it a read! I really think you'll like it as much as I/we did!!

* I was NOT paid at all for this endorsement, I just really loved this book!


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  2. I REALLY wish I was more of a DIY kinda gal.
    I am okay at the creating of the small crafts but not with the power tools. Maybe I should ask the boyfriend if he wants to hop on the power tool wagon!

  3. I love that project, too! Particularly the finish on the island. And I agree, the book is great.



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