Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hunter Boots

For my Birthday Lee picked out something that I've wanted for years now . . . HUNTER BOOTS.
I'm in love with my new rubber friends. The best part is . . . it's pouring rain out!
 I've been having the best time outside . . . poor Max I've been making him go for long walks in the rain so I can wear my new boots . . . yesterday I had to carry him home because he had enough of the rain!

Their glossy shine should wear off in the next year (did you know that happens? I didn't) then I will have my much anticipated Matte Black Hunter Boots!!! :)


  1. Those are sweet rain boots! Are they warm? I've seen rain boot inserts that help insulate them. I have a pair that I love (they have owls on them) but they're too small to wear with an insert or super thick socks.

  2. Great looking boots. It doesn't rain enough here to have any.
    Be a sweetie and Happy Thanksgiving,
    Shelia ;)

  3. What a great and practical gift, perfect for those rainy BC days.

  4. I have the same boots and I use the Hunter inserts with them. Love them! Enjoy!

  5. *LOVE* I got a pair in Navy last May and wear them ALL the time..of course it rains where I am constantly (Mid-Atlantic Coast) so they were such a worthwhile investment. I love the shiny black too...and you have to love a trend that is also practical! Enjoy :)

  6. Lucky girl!!!! What a great gift! No wonder you were so excited!

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I sent a message to your e-mail. I would like to purchase the Egg Painting :)


  8. Happy birthday, young lady! Terrific boots, what a great husband you have!

  9. Happy birthday!

    I've been trolling for a pair online for a bit now. I'm curious, do they run true to size? I was thinking I'd get half size larger so I could get the inserts nd they'd be easy to slip on and off.

    1. I've found them to be true to size. I normally wear a 7 1/2 and bought a 7 1/2 and they fit just fine.
      I also bought a pair of the cable knit inserts in black! :) And I will say that they are a touch tight. It doesn't affect them when I wear them, but when I go to take them off they definitely take an extra tug or two . . . or a big strong husband to pull your boots off! haha
      But I would still buy them in the 7 1/2 it's definitely not so tight that I would go up a size.
      Hope that helps

  10. Both Elie and Katie have them and LOVE them. We bought them each a pair before heading off to college plus the warm inserts. They are the best gift for a college student who walks to class come rain or shine!! I have a pair of Sperrys ...they are rubber on the bottom but quilted on the top. Love them too!!

  11. Oh you will LOVE those Hunter boots! I just got my first pair this fall and I wear them so much more than I ever imagined (of course, living in the NW, how can you not!!)

    Happy birthday. And you enjoy your fun new purchase!!


  12. Your post made me smile. I got my first pair of Hunter Boots last week. I have really enjoyed stomping around in the mud in them.

  13. WOW I like your Rubber Wellingtons, you will look really good when you wear them, I wouldn't be without my Wellingtons they stop my Tights getting splashed and keep my feet dry when it rains.



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