Friday, November 23, 2012

Flowers on Friday: Orchids and Thistle

As I mentioned it was my Birthday on Monday! I turned 29, the real 29 . . . not the 29 I'm planning on telling people I am for the next 10 years ;).

For my Birthday some very sweet friends of ours picked out an amazing bouquet of flowers for me!!
I LOVED this bouquet! And it takes some very special people to pick out the perfect vase to go with it!
There are orchids, some tropical leaves, some thistle and I have no idea what those puffy yellow things are but I'm IN LOVE with them! If Lee and I were getting married again . . . THIS would be my wedding bouquet! The combination of bright yellows with dark purples has always been a favorite of mine!
A BIG thank you to S, M, C and C! And of course Olive!  You all have been a HUGE blessing in our lives!


  1. I just turned 29 age to be :) Happy birthday!

  2. Hi, I'm writing from Cape Town in South Africa - the puffy yellow flowers are called pin cushions and they come from Cape Town (it's part of the "fynbos" plants) - they grow all over here in the mountains and our gardens. They last for weeks in a pot. Love your blog! Cara x

  3. I am older than 29 and let me tell you, it is nice to be "in your thirties" and I'm also looking forward to being "in my forties". I am so glad I don't have to be younger again. ;)
    Happy belated birthday,

  4. The flower is a protea which is native to South Africa. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Bday Ashli!!!! Guess what??? We're celebrating my ............ 40th so I can officially say that I am waaaaaay older than you. I could tell a white lie and say that I am 39 and holding just to be 10 years older than you. Love the vase, isn't great to have good friends. Have a fabulous weekend, Ashli!

  6. Great protea's my favourite flower!

  7. Gorgeous bouquet. I have to say, I think turning 29 was harder than turning 30 :) Happy Birthday!

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  9. Happy Birthday Ashli
    The cientific name of the puffy yellow flower is "Leucospermum cordifolium"
    We have a lot of those here on our Island ,
    I love Proteas

  10. Happy Birthday!
    Gorgeous bouquet. Like your other commenters I'm a big protea fan too! It looks like there might be some gum leaves in the bouquet as well.

  11. I have a weird love for thistle. No matter the deployment, good or bad; I find myself taking photos of the thistle in April'ish. In Iraq it is purple, Kuwait it was a beige sun bleached color and here on Kandahar Airfield I have seen baby whisps of light violet colored thistle before the sand kicked from the jets engines kills it. When I go home I plan on looking into it to see if it will survive a planting in Texas.

  12. Wow love this bouquet! The color is just awesome and the vase matches perfectly!!

  13. beautiful! hope you had a happy birthday!



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