Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A RED living room rug!

If you had told me last year that we would have a red rug * in the living room . . . I would have called you crazy! But somehow it's happened. I blame Sarah Richardson. If you've seen her Farmhouse mudroom you'll know what I mean.
I blame the perfect storm of . . .
-Lee spilling slurpee on the beige carpet this summer (a stain that is more stubborn than any surly teenager).
-The previous purchase of a wool rug that was way too thick and had us tripping over it on a daily basis.
-Sarah Richardson's Farmhouse Mudroom.
- The fact that we're into the colder seasons, where a nice warm color palette is oh so appealing!

So without further ado . . . may I present "Lucy" (I named her that because she's red like Lucille Ball's  hair!)
 The addition of  a little red pillow on the couch helped make Lucy (the rug) feel more at home!
  I hope you like it as much as we do. It warms the room up so much and makes everything feel cozy.
 I can't wait to add some red Christmas accents!
p.s. You can find the rug at Ikea. It's called the Kattrup Rug.
I'd LOVE to know what you think . . . Layered rugs YES or NO?? 

Check back this afternoon when I finally reveal my Birthday Gift!! 

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  1. Love the new rug! It adds color without being too much.

  2. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! I love the pattern and I think it looks absolutely fabulous!

  3. Perfection. Just the right amount of wow to the space. Bring in the Christmas cheer.

  4. I really like it! Elie is adding red accents to her room. Might have to show her this rug.

  5. I love the rug!! I also love how you layered them. That is such a brilliant idea! I wish I lived near an IKEA!

  6. I love to layer rug. This rug seems to work in your beautiful space. Enjoy Lucy!

  7. It looks great! It changes the feel of the room while still remaining true to your style.

  8. yes yes and YES!! i luv layered rugs, and that red is awesome!! u hit a home run!

  9. Love it!! And the red pillow really does tie it all together!

  10. Oh, it's so pretty! Happy Thanksgiving,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Love the rug. It really adds a punch of color for the holidays. . .but I'm afraid I'm not a big fan of layered rugs because I'm always afraid of someone tripping.

  12. Layered rug(s) on hardwood/cement/tile - Yes. Layering rugs on wall-to-wall - No. I don't know why, those are just the facts... according to me.

    I like the way you've done it - the pattern and striping was not at all what I would have expected you to go with.

  13. I love lucy...looks great ashli great fall and winter accent for the family room. Can't wait to see how you decorate for Xmas....

  14. Red rug - YES, so beautiful and fits perfectly!

    Layering - NO :( (sorry!)

  15. It looks really pretty and I like the warmth it injects into the room.

  16. Love it, especially for the holidays! Looks so cozy! ;)

  17. We already have a red rug in our lounge, however I have been wanting a new one to replace this one as it has started to show its age as it gets a lot of traffic on it, that is the one I have had my eye on for a while, so its a definite thumbs up from me!

  18. Your room is AMAZING...period! However, the rug led my eye up to the coffee table and I am so curious where you found it. I LOVE IT!

    1. Thank you so much!
      The coffee table is from Homesense (Homegoods) a couple years ago! :)
      Lots of Love

  19. I really like the rug, but I also love color.

  20. It looks great ,i love it
    Its begining to look a lot like Christmas ;)

  21. I love the rug, the color and the layering. We had our Florida home professionally decorated a few years ago. We have tile, wood and carpet throughout our home. The layered rugs were placed in carpeted rooms. Some were straight like yours and some angled. One layered on carpet was actually round and was my favorite. Layering is definitely appropriate and has been done for years now.

    I think you did a marvelous job! It looks wonderful!

  22. I love it! It's fantastic.
    Annoyingly Ikea Australia charge and extra $50 for it though. Hmph!



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