Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You can buy happiness and it's cheap!

I'm so excited to share my new favorite book with you today! It's Called "You can buy happiness (and it's cheap): How one woman radically simplified her life and how you can too."
It's written by Tammy Strobel, author of one of my favorite blogs Rowdy Kittens.
Tammy and her husband have transitioned from a large two bedroom apartment in 2004 to the 128 square foot home the currently live in!!!
If you're wondering what a 128 square foot home looks like here's a video tour of their tiny abode:
I found so much inspiration in Tammy's book! I wasn't expecting to find so much inspiration from someone who lives in 128 square feet (to be honest my first response was "why would anyone want to live in only 128 square feet?"). But what I loved about the book was that Tammy was careful to offer advice not only to the "small living movement" folks but to the people looking for "right size" living! So whatever the "right size" is for you!

I've always flip flopped in the world of simple living. I see beautiful photos of prop closets from BHG magazine and Martha Stewart's Magazine! All the beautiful, colorful bowls and pretty cakes plates tempt me to the mall!!! On the other hand I think how amazing it would be to live with just the necessities, a couple pots and pans, 1 spoon, only clothes I wear regularly, things like that!

I think my idea of perfect living rests somewhere between, more than we need, and less than we want! The real work will be in deciding what's less than we want, but after about half way into the book I cleared out a bag of clothes from my closet! And I have some big plans to do some more downsizing (of course as soon as they're done we'll be blogging them, but a hint would be, more closet clearing, some kitchen downsizing, Lee's closet is getting a overhaul, and so is the garage!). Seriously I'm THAT inspired!

If you're looking for some inspiration to downsize, or just some inspiration to clean out your closet, this cheerful little handbook is more than worth the $9.38 on Amazon!


  1. I was thinking yesterday about when you'd posting another book review. I really enjoy them. this one I am getting from the library today.

  2. I consider myself a minimalist. But I think for a time, I was TOO minimal, in that my house looked bare, as if we just moved in. So I've been making careful design choices. Meaning I don't buy stuff, just to buy it. I make sure it's the right item for us. By that same respect, if something isn't working for us, it needs to go. And I strongly believe in the one in, and one out, philosophy. I don't bring a lot of the excess into the house-so where does it come from? Gifts from the in-laws! They love buying us STUFF that looks or seems cute, but is not useful. Really, a ladle that looks like a crocodile??? Also, holding onto items from the past. Even though it was organized, it was I downsized a lot of that stuff into one box each (which is still probably a lot)-one highschool box, one university box, one teacher's college box etc. ANYWAYS, I just wanted to ask if we'd get to see your garage? That's an area I like to see how people organize-because I find we're always cleaning ours seasonally and could use some ideas. We don't have a shed, so all of our outdoor tools go in there and two cars and lawn furniture haha. Also, this is barely a two car garage. =Jackie

  3. Entertaining and kids are important to me so I like larger homes. Doesn't have to be huge but, my 1300 sq footer is just right for us and our children.
    Book looks interesting. Will be on the lookout for it.

  4. Looks like a great read! Will be looking for at the library. I want to build a similar style of portable microhouse for a plot of land I own out in the country. There are no amenities on the land - no water, no telephone, no power, no natural gas, etc., so I want the home to be self sufficient! It will be a wonderful place to go and relax and get back to nature!

  5. I always love your book recommendations. We cleared out a TON last year. If it wasn't something we truly loved, used, or held sentimental went! I still plan to go back through again this year, as I am still finding little things we could easily part with that are taking up space but we REALLY don't NEED!! I am striving more for QUALITY over QUANTITY these days.

  6. I'd love to see what you manage to toss out. I happen to think everything in your home has a special place, and looks like it totally belongs there. I love it when you make the additions -- and we know you lavish a lot of TLC on the stuff that you repaint, refurbish or DIY -- so apart from clothes that got worn out, i can't imagine what you'd toss. :) looking forward to that, totally. hugs, I

  7. Thank you so much for the kind words about my book. I really appreciate it!


  8. When you do your big purge, you should post some of your things on here for your local readers to purchase! :-)

  9. This is so timely. I've had downsizing on my mind a lot lately, although not to 128 square feet. That's just too close for comfort for me. I'm definitely putting this book on my reading list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. I am SO excited to read this!! I love decluttering and am always looking for inspiration -- thanks for sharing!!

  11. Wow that is crazy! I cannot imagine living in such a small space. It is refreshing to think of though, when we are feeling frustrated in our 1400 sq foot house and wanting to upgrade to think people are happy with less than we have AND by choice. I cannot imagine having children in a hosue that size though! Scary! haha.



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