Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's getting Spooky in the Living Room

It's getting darn right spooky around here! As per usual, Lee has taken over outside Halloween duties and I've been taking care of inside Halloween duties! Honestly I'm usually the one in charge of decorating, but Halloween is where Lee really shines! Lee's like the 'rain man' of Halloween. He can turn spray foam window insulation into bloody limbs, and tissue paper into creepy veins. It's a creepy talent, but a talent none the less. We'll have a creepy crawly outside post on Friday for you, but today it's the kinder, more PG version of Halloween, aka. Ashli's Version 2.0 (I don't know why I wrote 2.0, but I think it makes it sound cooler).

I started in the living room, a few skulls in a cloche  some scary books . . . okay they're not scary they're just black! But if you squint at the titles and they go all blurry they would look scary . . . because the books are black. . . my logic is flawless, you can't deny it.  ;)
I love skulls under glass . . . it's my favorite Halloween decoration . . . it's like the Christmas tree of Halloween!
As I described earlier . . .  scary books and some teeny tiny mice ($2 for a bag of 12 from Walmart).
And this is a new Halloween MUST DO . . . we bought a bag of creepy crawlies from Walmart for $3 it was full of everything from your worst nightmares. I taped up a creepy crawly spider inside the lamp shade and when it's turned on it's truly spooky.
Next a little mantle decor, Randy sits beside the Candles (Randy the Raven, FYI).
A little bit of fabric trim from Jo Ann fabrics wrapped around some simple white candles makes them spooky-ish.
Beside the TV I popped a couple of "real" scary books. I found them at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. I've never read them, they live in the Halloween decoration box, but honestly they are one of my favorite Halloween decorations!
Lee's contribution to the living room scheme . . . a Styrofoam skull.
And lastly,  an understated coffee table . . . a white warped bowl (from Urban Barn) some black candle sticks and a stack of Fall Decorating Magazines (petrifying I know!). 

Come back tomorrow so I can tell you all about the WORST DINNER PARTY EVER, I threw it last week! 


  1. i luv it! we cant have too scary because our little guy doesnt care too much for it. this is just the right amount quantity wise and scary wise.

  2. so amazing .. we did the same thing with candles. Except I got mine from Fabricland. Great minds must think alike. I just finished your House Tour and have to ask.. do you live in Cloverdale? If so I think we are down the street from each other.

    Cheers Niamh

  3. Love the spider in the lampshade! ...Might just have to do that one. Not for Halloween, but to scare the bajeebus out of my husband! Mu-ah-ha-ha!

  4. ooo, knowing you, i was WAITING for Halloween to swing around. please don't do zombie brain cupcakes. (that cake scared me out of 10 years growth already!)

    but this is seriously lovely! i never thought of using $ store books as props, hehe!

  5. Those skulls are totally rockin the glass cover!!! I can't help but want to scare somebody with the idea of putting a spider on the inside of a lamp shade, LOVE IT. You had a bad dinner party, not so???

  6. I love it! Every time I see a skull somewhere, I think of Lee!! LOL Not sure I can imagine your name ever associated with "worst dinner party ever".

  7. Are the spiders on the candles actually a "fabric trim"?

    1. Yup!! it's a fabric trim. I think it's got an interfacing backing because it's a bit thicker than regular fabric!! :)
      I hope that helps!



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