Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Everyday Housewife Outfit

One of the questions I get the most is:
"What do you wear?"
I think that because I'm a housewife/blogger and I spend most of my days at home I get a few inquiring emails about whether or not I spend my days in my Pajamas, or if I live in sweats.
I can assure you I do neither of those things. It's true I probably spend more time at home than the average human, but I do leave the house frequently to run errands, meet a friends for lunch, grocery shop etc.
On a day that I'm writing posts . . . taking pictures . . .  editing pictures, organizing cupboards, baking cupcakes, or just generally hanging out at home, you could come over and find me in jeans and a t-shirt, leggings and a long sweater, yoga pants and a long sleeved top. It's basic, but I always get dressed . . . I live in constant fear of the un-announced drop in so I always make sure to get dressed. I also feel WAY more productive when I look nice.
So what would I wear to grocery shop or lunch with friends, or to go to an appointment . . . would be something like this:
I would spend the morning at home in my leggings and sweater, pull the sweater off, throw on a jean jacket, a long scarf and a pair of leather boots!
Jacket: Old Navy; Scarf: Target; Boots: (Bought years ago from Target); Braclet: The Bay;
I definitely wouldn't consider myself a "fashionista", if it's comfortable, and looks nice I'll buy it and wear it! ;)
I think that because I'm a "housewife" people can make the assumption that I would be a very girlie, girl with my puffy dresses and pearls. But since I don't live in a 50's sitcom, I leave the pearls at home ;).
My Clothing philosophy can be summed up in:
1) Functional- so I can work in it.
2) Comfortable- so I don't go crazy in it.
3) Attractive - so I'm not embarrassed to wear it.
4) BANGS- If you have an above average forehead the only answer is BANGS! ;)

I would LOVE to hear about your day to day outfits! I think we get too caught up in talking about the special occasions clothes, but I would love to start talking about everyday clothes!
We're wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween! And our prayers and well wishes to those of you on the East Coast dealing with 'Sandy'.
I hope you'll pop back tomorrow for our latest decluttering adventure. I have a list, complete with pictures of everything we've decided to "let go".


  1. I am a jeans and tshirt (sweatshirts now that it is cold) kind of girl. I go for comfort. I have a few nice tops to wear with jeans if I am going out with a friend. As for the bangs... I have the total opposite problem. ;) Low forehead, and my hair grows really fast. I would need a hair cut every couple of weeks.

  2. You look great! I wish I could wear that exact outfit every day. Bangs really suit you - they look super chic and sassy. And girl, can we talk about those boots?! Every so often Target hits it spot on with boots. I have a pair of black midheel slouchy pirate boots from Target that I bought 4 years ago that I love so much that I had them re-soled.

  3. Oh I really like your outfit!
    In the mornings I work in a school for children w special needs so comfy clothes are a necessity. No heels or skirts (thank God!)
    But as soon as I go home I have to wear gym clothes to keep up w my 5 year old and home chores.
    I also own a few "good" pieces for the rare night out or obligatory social outings.
    Having specific clothes for specific jobs makes it easier for me and my clothes are going strong for years

  4. I work from home often and find that I am more productive and feel better when I get dressed. Plus, I Skype from time to time with co-workers and you can't be in pajamas! It's usually jeans and a top (no t-shirts/tanks tops or sweatshirts) or I dress up my yoga pants with a nice top as well. I think people who have to work in work clothes everyday figure if they worked from home they would wear pajamas all day. I will say, I don't put shoes on unless I plan on leaving the house, just socks for me!

  5. I was a bathrobe housewife for the first 8 months of my daughter's life (she's 1 now). I told myself this was okay because of constant nursing, spit ups and worse. But boy was it aweful when the doorbell rang!

    Now, I try to follow 'Flylady' principles and get dressed, hair, makeup, for the day. I still may have to change outfits three times (or more), but at least I am prepared when the world comes knocking!

    For me, comfy is a dress and sweater.

    My tendencies are more like Hoarders than Mini Manor, which is why I love you: people like me need to see how to be more like people like you! :)

  6. that is a really cute outfit, and of course you look adorable in it. Somehow I think you would look cute in just about any thing.

  7. I like your outfit, however here in Scandinavia it's getting really cold so it wouldn't work here. I need a coat if I get out. My everyday outfit would be a pair of dressier jeans, a simple top and a cardigan - it works most time of the year around here, with a coat on during winter and with the cardigan off during the summer. ;-)

  8. I'm the same way, I have to clean up and get dressed (even a smidge of makeup) to really make my day work for my. That's a darling outfit!

  9. You are so adorable! I am with you, comfort, function, presentable. However, my days of wearing leggings are long gone! LOL

  10. I have 2 dogs, so if I wore black I'd look like Big Bird 5 minutes later. So I choose grey clothes for working, or hanging around the house: leggings with big socks, T-Shirts and sweaters. On days I'm going out I get my hair, makeup all done and change before I go.

  11. How cute are you ......... my goodness! Talking about going out for a coffee, I think we are due for some catch up. Let me know how your schedule is. I can come out your way ....... let me know. Have a wonderful time tonight. BOO !!!

  12. Those boots are really beautiful! So classic, never go out of style. Fantastic you found them at Target!!

  13. You are way better than I am! I work from home most days and am usually in yoga pants and a t-shirt/sweatshirt. On the days that I go out for meetings, though, I do get decked out!

  14. I am a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. If I had to dress up everyday and work in an office, I'd be in big trouble. I've had bangs my whole life (almost 49 yrs) no matter what the length is.
    Happy Halloween!

  15. Around the home, I wear yoga pants and a tshirt. If I'm am leaving the house, I change into jeans and grab a sweater. My hair... well that's another story! If its a wash day, then its down and curly. If its not a wash day, then its pinned up some how... however the curls want to go. :)

    Love your outfit!

  16. Totally agree with you about bangs! I see far too many women that SHOULD have them. I always joke that my forehead is so large, it's a fivehead:) I work part time, and the days I don't work I must shower & put on make-up in order to be productive.



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