Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Max loves Jute Rugs too!

I think he might just like the proximity to his food dish. He has a habit of rolling around on carpet after he eats, and sometimes he even likes to drag his kibble to the carpet and eat it there.
So the fact that there's a rug mere steps from his food dish makes Max a happy puppy!
It's also a bit of a toy grave yard. Apparently the wood floor is not a suitable spot for Max's toys, he ferries the toys from the living room rug, to the front hall rug, to the dining room rug and back.
So if you have a doggy who likes his toys, maybe you should buy him a jute rug too ;). haha 


  1. LOL Kylee loves our jute rugs too!!! After her bath, she runs around doing laps...through the dining room, into the library, the the front hall, back to the kitchen where she finds the jute rug by the porch doors and rolls all over it! And, her food bowl is steps away from our dining room rug (jute also)...she drags bits of her food in there then eats it! Her toys are known to be all over as well.

  2. now that i read your blog post, i have noticed that at my in-law's house, my yorkie likes to take his toys to the rug (not jute though) to play with.

    hahaha. silly yorkies.

  3. Your dog is the cutest thing ever- and that rug!!! Looks so great in your dining room!

  4. My puppy grabs a few pieces of kibble and carries them to the carpet to eat as well! Max is so darn cute!

  5. Max is so adorable! and the rug fits perfectly in your dining room! my puppy also carries her first couple of pieces to the carpet to eat as well!

  6. I just love your Max posts, I have two yorkies and your little max is the cutest thing EVER!! My dog rolls around after he eats too, what's up with that haha. So stinkin' presh!

  7. I enjoy your posts about Max so much. I have a toy Shih Tzu by the name of Sasha and she does exctly the same thing after she eats. Soooo cute.



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