Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's all is good in the Hood!

Fingers Crossed but it looks like we're virus free.  What I really wanted to say was Virus free since '93 but that wouldn't make any sense what so ever! Turns out it wasn't even us, it was a link on our sidebar! A big huge thank you to everyone who commented and emailed us and to a couple of computer savvy friends!!!

So what have we been up to since our surprise blogging hiatus this week? We'll have all of the details typed up and ready next week but here are some sneak peeks!

We stained some things!
We used the Chop saw!
We bought 7 things off criagslist! 

And we bought a door! Okay I just came right out and said that one!

I bought a new pair of earrings, they're purple and WAY outside of my usual jewelry choices!! But I LOVE them and am so glad that I moved away from my traditional white gold studs.
Lee's spent the last couple weeks rebuilding the engine on his muscle man car (that's my name for it, not his).
 Yup he's not only handy around the house, he's handy in the garage too!
My Mom handed down what might be our only family heirloom and it's a weird one at that. It's the little horsey in the background of this snap shot! More on him next week as well!
 And lastly, something came in the mail!!! Okay, a lot of things came in the mail!
I hope this isn't too much of a teaser post! I'll be back tomorrow with a reader request about our go to feng shui books. And we'll be around this weekend with a sponsor post as well!
Thanks for your patience with our bloggy issues this week!We really appreciated all of the comments, advice and emails we received!


  1. So glad you got it all worked out...I was having post withdrawals!!! LOL

  2. Love that you thew in a bit of #HIMYM! LOL. I just watched that episode a couple of weeks ago. Such a classic.
    Glad that you're virus free...even if it's not since '93. Cheers!

  3. glad your site is back up and running. lillian too is a good feng shui resource.

  4. Glas wverything is ok now. And p.s. too many teasers.

  5. Ooops *glad everything. Thatll teach me to comment on my iPhone and talk to baby at the same rime!

  6. Let's talk about those packages that look like wrapping paper. I need some Christmas wrapping inspiration :)

  7. Quick question: the wire basket you have on the shelf/side table, doesn't it scrap the table/shelf? I have one that ruined a shelf. :-(

    1. Hi Tara,
      We haven't really had an issue. I can see there are one or two small scuffs but we don't really pull those baskets out much. They hold Max's seasonal toys (yes I know that statement is ridiculous haha) so we only pull them out a couple times a year to get at his halloween toys and christmas toys!
      Lots of Love



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