Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Fashion on Friday

If you caught my Spring fashion shopping list you'll know what this is all about. If you missed it I'll explain a little bit.
At the start of the Spring and Fall seasons I make a little shopping list. Key pieces that I'm looking for. For me this is the BEST way to save money, add some great pieces to my wardrobe and save myself from poor quality impulse purchases.

I won't necessarily buy every item on my list, but it gives me a direction.
1. I'm looking for this vest specifically, it's from Modcloth and I would love it, and wear it all the time . . . and never get sick of it, and always treat it nice . . . teehee. If you like it you can find it Here.
2. I love a striped sweater! Navy and white so classic, it's from Here.
3. A 3/4 sleeve striped Tee, look for it here (sorry just found out it's sold out).
4. I need a new everyday jacket. I Love toggle buttons and the warm grey color. Mostly I love how long it is, I like to have my winter jackets covering my bum :). It gets cold in the winter and no one likes a cold tushie! You can find the Jacket here, on sale for $79!!!
5. A great pair of skinny jeans. The ONLY reason I'm buying skinny jeans is because they are way easier to wear with boots . . . otherwise the shape does NOT flatter my figure! Skinny Jeans make me look like a walking triangle!
6. These Boots! Man oh Man these boots! I have been searching for brown leather flat boots for a year now. I have abnormally skinny ankles and calves so finding boots that fit is a bit difficult! But I'm determined this year is  #flatbootfindingyear! You can find them Here.
7.Yellow jeans, I'm sick of wearing plain old jeans all winter, a rustic yellow colored jean should break up the monotony. Here's the link.
8. Knitted Knee socks, to pop out of the top of my new boots!!! Here's the link.
9. Lastly, and most long awaited item on my list . . . a pair of hunter rain boots. I have always wanted a pair of Hunter Rain boots. I am so tired of buying things that wear out after a year or two. The last pair of cute rainboots only lasted me a year and a half before the heel ripped off. Waste of money. This is finally the year I'm going to get some hunter boots. But just like my Uggs I plan on buying them off craigslist! A lot of people get gifts they don't want and sell them for a discount on craigslist. My Ugg boots were a gift for someone who wasn't a size 7 so she sold them for about $50 less than I could buy them in the store!

Here are some of the ways I could pair up my finds with things already in my closet!!
Night Out: Pants, earrings(Sorry sold out), bracelet (sold out), clutch, shoe-bootie.
Fall Day: Jacket, Dress, Necklace, Ring, Hunter Boots. Okay so I'm probably not going to wear a dress and rain boots, but the idea was too cute not to include!
Fall Outing: Earrings (sorry sold out as well), Denim Shirt, Black Pants, Ring, Tote (sorry sold out).
Funny Fall: T-shirt, Tote, Scarf, Boot.
Rainy Fall: Umbrella, Earrings, Watch.

I think I broke the "Number of Links within one Blog Post" record! I hope you'll give making your own list a try, It really does save me money and keeps my closet full of well thought out clothes instead of a closet full of "Nothing to Wear"!

Now I'm dying to know, what pieces are your favorite!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am in love with that jacket!! Beyond adorable!

  2. Ahhh, I love fall clothes! All of these are so cute!

  3. Can you come shopping with me????? Love all your picks!!

  4. You can get the Hunter rainboots at MTF. They have stores all over BC or you can look online too and their prices are great. A friend of mine got hers for 29.99 there!

    1. YAY! Thank you so much! I go to those stores all the time!!! I'm going to do some checking around right now!!1
      Thanks! I had no idea!

  5. I also have super skinny calves and never was able to find boots. Check out - you order by your shoe size, then your calf size! Life changing!

    1. I've heard of them . . . I'm going to have to check them out I would LOVE a pair of boots that I can't fit my arm down the back!:)

  6. I love all of your outfits! I am obsessed with my hunter rain boots, best gift. And they really are worth what they want for them and will be very willing to replace them if they so much as have a scuff mark on them after a few wears. I plan on getting another pair in a bright color. I currently have the dark brown and sissy has the black ones.

  7. Found some cute boot socks today at Target!! $5 for a single pair or $10 for a double pack! I can't wait to try mine out. LOVE the outfits you selected. I have purchased 3 blue (and/or black) and white striped shirts/sweatshirts this fall. I think that's probably overkill but I love them!!


  8. Great pieces with so much versatility. You'll have so much fun working these into your Fall wardrobe!

  9. Cute list. I almost bought some hunter boots from (just bought from them, they were on sale and I had a coupon code). They were still a bit much for my thrifty blood. Like the craigslist idea. Not hoping out hope because I have giant feet, but worth holding out a bit more to see if I can find some.

  10. Super cute items. One comment about the socks. While you do need warm toes I've seen a post on pinterest where you take an old sweater and cut a "cuff" out of the sleeve and then slide it on and put boots over that. Then it looks like you have the thick socks on underneath. Maybe good for a warmer fall day when you wouldn't normally wear heavy socks.

  11. So so cute! I especially love those skinny jeans and that jacket. I loved your list so much that I had to follow your lead and make my own version of a fall fashion wish list. Please check out my blog. I am still super new and would love to have any advice you could share. Thank you and lots of blog love from Virginia!

  12. I love fall clothes. I just wish I was living somewhere else than Florida. I need to feel cold!! The highest today will be 85° :(

    I was wondering, will you be posting any topic on fall or Halloween home decorations?

  13. Nice pair of shoes will make your shopping looks good and complete... Without the pair of shoes, shopping looks incomplete.....



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