Wednesday, September 19, 2012


You might have noticed on yesterdays post our dining room table centerpiece. It's a glass cloche with some wheat grass inside! Okay, so it might not be "real" wheat grass. It's actually a small plastic plant from Ikea! I know I swore I wouldn't have any plastic plants but I tried, I really did! I put a real live plant under there (a small fern), and it died! In fact not only did it die, it died in the grossest way.

How does a plant die gross you ask, well let me tell you:
-  First the leaves start turning brown instead of green
-  Next instead of clear beads of water on the glass there are brown beads of water
-  And lastly when you open the cloche to see what's wrong you are met with a smell I can only describe as an assult on your nose.

Sorry about all that yuck, now moving on to the pretty:
I replaced the fern with a yellow pot and some nice, albeit fake, grass.
 The cloche itself came from my mom. I totally raid her house every time we go and last time I found this beautiful cloche with a little dragon fly on it! If you are looking for something similar here's the link to one in our Amazon Store.
Make sure to pop back tomorrow we're featuring a painting my sister did, and bonus it's for sale!! :)


  1. luv it! and you dont want real wheat grass it brings big humengous horse flies! seriously my SS had to grow it for a science project from school and we had a gazillion flies. i thot maybe at first it was just people leaving the door open but after they kept multiplying i went searching and found that they congregated at the wheat grass. i made him take it outside - thank goodness he was done with his school project!

  2. I just added something similar to our front hall table, using a cork trivet, hurricane (upside down) and white pot from Ikea. Plop in a succulent...instant pretty!!

  3. I think any plant would die under there because there is no fresh air. The plastic one will definitely live much longer!

  4. I have a glass cloche hiding away in a closet because I could never come up with anything creative to put under there. I like this idea!! And I kill EVERY single plant I have ever bought so fake is best for me too!

  5. I have a glass cloche on my staircase. I tried to keep a plant under it and it died, too, and I think "my honest answer" is right - plants need carbon dioxide to develop well and perform photosynhtesis which keeps them alive. I lifted the glass cloche every once in a while (at least once every day), but obviously not enough to save them. ;) Now I keep empty goose eggs under the cloche.
    Jule from inside 9B

  6. I've wanted a little bell shaped cloche like that forever! What a lucky girl that your mom let you take it. Super cute Mr. Max in the previous post too. There IS something about taking the kibble to the rug that seems to make it taste least one of my dog babies thinks so as well.

  7. I love the fake plants at IKEA and that they are called "fejka" which means "to fake" in Swedish. Call 'em what they are. love it.

  8. Looks great! I think though all living things need oxygen....that's why your plant died...plastic lives much longer under glass.

  9. For plants to thrive in a terrarium there must be a hole for air to circulate through.
    I think the artificial plant looks real and it looks great in the cloche and the yellow pot.
    That touch of yellow is beautiful in the room.
    Lovely job!

  10. Oh.. I should have added that cloches can be used if you simply place tiny somethings between the lid and the bottom to hold it up a tiny bit so air can circulate. I once used little rubber stoppers and they worked fine.

    Can Max get any cuter?????



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