Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Phew . . . we had what we are now referring to as "The Most Productive Weekend Ever". It started out Friday night when I found out that it was in fact a LONG weekend. Lee declared that he was going to accomplish his entire Honey Do list!
It included:
  • Install drywall in the basement
  • Priming the drywall. 
  • Painting the Drywall
  • Installing baseboards/painting
  • Emptying the basement bedroom (for an eventual small home gym). 
  • spraying my Buddha (a small statue I picked up in the ugliest color of teal)
  • Hang Giant Picture I found at the Thrift Store for $7! 
  • Install clothes line in backyard
  • Painting the bench I bought last month (I ended up tackling this one . . . Can't let Lee have all the fun).
  • Installing a fence post (which would include digging a 2 foot deep hole and possibly concrete).
  • Make a dog feeding station. 
  • Spray paint and installing a lady bug house. 
  • Planting two cedar trees, which included digging 2, 1 foot deep by 2 feet wide holes. Pulling the old dead cedars Out.
  • Spraying our new coffee holder. 
  • Spraying a new tray I found at the Thrift Store. 
  • and last but definitely NOT least . . . power wash and stain the entire front porch, all 200 square feet of it, by hand, with a paint brush. 
He did it all!!! 
He even managed to join me on a trip to Ikea and helped our neighbor change the brakes in his car! 
I managed to:
  • Paint the Bench 
  • Mop every moppable floor in the house 
  • vacuumed every step in the house! 
  • Weeded the front and back gardens! 
  • Planted 15 lavender plants! 
  • Sew two pillow covers, 
  • Sew a small canvas bag for my clothespins! 
  • DIY'd some art work for the basement steps. 
  • Pruned all the dead branches off of all the trees! 
  • Washed the car inside and out! 
And got mistaken for my sister at Home Depot (my sister is a dog trainer, and one of her clients came up to me and started talking to me about their dog . . . it took me almost a minute to figure out that they must think I'm my sister! It was a bit awkward telling someone you're not who they think you are after 1 minute of talking to them, meanwhile explaining to them that no matter how many times they say you look like twins you are in fact NOT twins!) that last part wasn't on my to do list it just happened ;).
Lee was much more productive then I was (which is pretty much par for the course as Lee is always more productive on weekends then I am), but together we tackled a lot of our To Do lists! I still have no idea how Lee tackled all of that, and most amazingly without a word of complaint, not even when staining the front deck at midnight (we could only stain the deck at night because the sun would force the stain to dry to fast and make the deck splotchy!).

Which Leads me to today's Post we're taking a little STAY-CATION! I was going to call it a Vacation but in reality we'll just be hanging around the house and taking small trips out to the beach! Just until the end of the week! It's hot and sunny out, and the Olympics has got us itching to head down to the and play a little beach volleyball. Before we met both Lee and myself were avid volleyball players, we actually met at a Co-ed volleyball tournament, we were on opposite teams, it was Love at first sight . . . or at Least "WOW he so tall and handsome" at first sight! Anyways, I'm excited for this much needed week off, but I'm almost more excited to comeback and share all the projects we've done!

I Hope everyone has an amazing week! I'll be back first thing Monday Morning with some new projects to share . . . hopefully we'll have a few two post days next week to make up for our absence this week! LOTS OF LOVE!


  1. Such a tease! I wanna see the results now haha! A whole week? Have fun! Jackie

  2. Enjoy your time off cant wait to see pics of your projects.

  3. Wow, I can't believe you got all that done in a weekend! That list would take me a full year!

    Enjoy your break, you've definitely both earned it!

  4. WoW! You deserve a stay-cation after all of that work. I'm sure it feels AMAZING to have accomplished all those tasks. Enjoy your week!

  5. Enjoy your stay-cation. You all earned one. Great job.

  6. You guys did all of that in 3 days? You are my heroes...it would take me and my husband 2 days to do 1 thing on your list and we are pretty handy people! You guys are an inspiration! I'm printing this post and sticking it on the fridge!

  7. Whew! Definitely a well-earned and well-deserved staycation! Enjoy your time off!

  8. You two are amazing! Have a great time on your MUCH deserved "stay" cation! Can't wait to see all you've been up to.

  9. Ashli,
    I can't believe how much you guys got done in so little time. It would take my hubby about 2 years to tackle that list not becuase of lack of effort but just because of how life gets in the way sometimes. You're my hero and I have yet to get back into my housewife mode after coming off a two week vacation from my country. I hope you and Lee enjoy your much needed Olympic Stay-cation. LOL. It's funny how in my household now the sport of the day is whatever is going on during the Olympic broadcast.
    Can't wait to catch up on all your posts and see all your hardwork and projects.

    Take Care

  10. Ashli
    wow- you two are such an inspiration! I would be happy to accomplish that much in a month let alone a weekend!!! :) So what is your secret? Where does all that energy come from??? You should bottle it up & sell it you could make a fortune!! :) Enjoy your time away!! :)

  11. My goodness, sounds like my kind of weekend! I can't wait to see some pictures. I wish I could get my husband to be so productive :)

  12. I am both wowed by your productivity and shamed by my slovenliness! I did very little this weekend and was just patting myself on the back for cleaning out my drawers and closet and dropping off a few bags at goodwill. A drop in the bucket!! I'm going to wash all my baseboards (while also watching the olympics) as penance for my laziness :) Thanks for the inspiration and can't wait to see all your completed projects!!

  13. WOW!! You guys accomplished a lot. Can't wait to see pics.

    You two enjoy your time off and together ....and relax =)

  14. I need a stay-cation after reading about what y'all managed in one (albeit long) weekend! Well done, girl! Enjoy the sun and bump-set-spike time :)

  15. Holy crap girlfriend ........ you have me so inspired to get those pesky things done around the house!!!!! I am scared to think what you two could get done on a two week vacation!!!!!!!! Oh better yet, come over to my house.

  16. Holy cow! Did you sleep? I am amazed you got all of that done! What's the secret to getting an entire "honey do" list done in a weekend?! Can't wait to see the results of all that hard work!

  17. Wow! And to think I felt accomplished after spending a few hours cleaning the house on Sunday! You guys are incredible!

  18. Seriously??? You are awesome! I'm happy if I manage to vacuum or run a few errands. It would take me years to get all of that done. Chris and I need to be more productive, but the couch and tv call ours names when we aren't working ;). I have been putting off so much, now you have inspired me to get it ALL done, maybe this weekend :) Enjoy your stay-cation! xoxo

  19. OMG reading all that has exhausted me completely. am heading back to the bed for a nap. what kind of multivitamins / steroids are you on?! did you fall into a cauldron of magic potion when you were babies?! seriously out of the normal people league right now, and not just accomplishing all that, and instead of falling into a heap on the bed and sleeping for a week, you go out and what else - play Olympic level volleyball!!! help, aliens from Krypton have moved to British Columbia!!!

  20. I'm exhausted just reading the to-do lists. I think I need lie down for a nap. You two are just amazing! Can't wait to see/read about your accomplishments. I know what you mean about "love of first sight". I saw this cute guy on the tennis court years ago. He looked at me. . .I looked at him. . .and I told my cousin that I was going to marry him. She said that I was nuts because I didn't even know his name. I told her I didn't care. I would marry him. . .and I did!!


  21. Enjoy your blog break and I look forward to the projects revel

  22. That is a whole lot of ACTION. That deserves a congrats and a great staycation!

  23. You have got to be kidding me?! That is impressive! I love the idea of the clothesline especially. Have a great weekend!

  24. Holy cow!! That is some list! Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor. have a great staycation!

  25. Could you post some photos on your completed items. Looking forward to hear from you. I checked your blog daily for update. Thank you.

  26. You two are my heroes! :) I've been too lazy to get much done with this darn heat. Can't wait to see your projects and have a nice time off!

  27. holy smokes - i wish i had that much motivation!! sounds like u guys did a great job and enjoy ur staycation, sometimes those are the best!



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