Friday, August 17, 2012

More Basement Progress

I've had some seriously lucky finds at the thrift store lately . . . first there was the coat tree, and now there's a framed watercolor landscape painting for . . . $9.99. Where else can you get a large (over 2 feet wide) watercolor, framed (with paper on the back and everything) for $9.99.
Of coarse the HUGE bonus being I LOVE IT! I would have paid a lot more for it and I'm seriously so thrilled to have it hanging up in our home.
I racked my brain trying to figure out a place to put in on our main floor but due to our super open concept floorplan, wall space is severely limited! So into the basement stairwell it went!
I didn't think I'd like it there as much as I do, but the wood frame matches the wood handrail. Also because I love seeing watercolors up close, and you are definitely UP CLOSE when viewing this one! 
Hope everyone has a great Weekend!!!! See you back first thing Monday Morning with some new DIY's from our week off!!


  1. Nice find. The little things help make a space a home.

  2. What an awesome find! The painting looks gorgeous there in the stair well. And you seriously CANNOT beat that price! Also, the coat tree is amazing in ORB - I've been looking out for one on my thrift store trips too. Hopefully I get 1/2 as lucky as you. Sarah

  3. Great find, and the perfect spot for it.

  4. Great find! Don't second guess the placement, it's perfect!

  5. That painting looks perfect for that spot! It's amazing how far some well-placed wall decor can go, and stairwells are so often neglected. And the price for that size and frame? Great score!



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