Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitty Cat Mob!

So you are probably wondering about the title . . . More on that a little further down.

But first, we are finally done staining the front porch! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, much like meeting your spouse's ex. You think it will be terrible but then you meet them and they turn out to be really sweet and nice, and not at all the ogre you hoped thought they'd be. :)

There's something about wet cedar wood that I LOVE. Maybe it's because I'm from the West Coast, but the color of a wet cedar fence or deck makes me swoon. So when it came time to decide on stain for the cedar deck I tried to find the color that would make it look like it was wet all the time! We went to Home Depot and picked out some CIL stain in ,what else, CEDAR color. haha
It took 2 coats to get our desired color. We did the whole thing with paint brushes in the middle of the night! Seriously you can't put stain on in direct sunlight, and we found the day time too hot. The stain would dry too fast and made patches, so we sanded out the patches and stained the rest between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am! Sure it looked a little crazy . . . sure some neighbors stopped by to ask what the heck we were doing, but it's done in all of it's non-patchy glory!
 Not too much of a change from the street, but we're really happy with the result when you walk up the steps!

What was really a pain the neck, was staining and installing the lattice all around the front porch!
Which brings me to my RANT: ARG outdoor cats! Okay maybe it's not all outdoor cats, but it is definitely some outdoor cat. You know who you are outdoor cats, I've seen you and your orange-y stripes, or black shiny coats I use to like you before you started using under our porch as your personal half eaten bird graveyard. You outdoor cats are no longer welcome!
I'll save you the details but it was GROSS! I'm going to file that incident under "Thank goodness I'm married" because otherwise little birds would still be under the porch. I think it's the work of a Kitty Cat mob, who can't make it out to the back woods to hide their crimes so they use the cover of our front porch.
We decided that it was time to block out bird murder crime scenes!
Some very inexpensive cedar lattice from home depot, the same cedar stain (it only took 3/4 of a can to do the deck so we had more than enough leftover to stain the lattice).
First stain you panels:
 Next cut to size:
Lastly install
It got a little tricky around the steps but nothing crazy. All the panels went up in about an hour!
By next year the hydrangeas will be HUGE and you won't even be able to see the lattice which is okay with us, it's meant to stop kitty cat mobs, dumping their bodies under our porch. 

So screw you little kitty cats you'll have to bury the evidence somewhere else from now on. (Okay screw you might be a little harsh).


  1. It looks great! And I think the lattice makes it look much more polished and "finished," even if it's just a solution to keep out cats! :) I like it!

  2. Ashli, I think this is one of your funniest posts! As a confirmed cat lover I still giggled myself silly reading this. All my cats have been indoor only (except for being allowed out on our second floor balcony)so not birdie murderers. We have bird feeders out there too and the birds are pretty much "kitty TV" while they laze in the sun rays streaming through the glass slider doors.

    The lattice is also good to keep the non-murders out as they probably thought that was a nice huge litter box...just sayin'. :^)

  3. Ha! I grew up with cats, INDOOR cats, and I cannot stand outdoor cats...we have had several who think our BACK porch, BEHIND our fence and UP CLOSE to our house is their personal getaway! YUCK.
    The porch looks great!

  4. The new finish on the deck looks great and the lattice is a great deterrent for those roaming cats. This summer we built a ground level deck to cover a graveled area in the backyard that used to be a dog run. I was sooo glad to get that deck finished and stained.
    We have several outdoor cats in town and thankfully I have not found any dead birds nearby. However, they love to use one of the flower beds out front as their personal potty. Double yuck.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You're so funny!! How dare those kitty cats. Love the color of the stain and those hydrangeas will get bigger faster than you know it!! We planted some "limelight" hydrangea trees this year and they are in full bloom right now. The trunks have already doubled in size. I'm worried we might have to move them farther apart.

  6. One of the best things we did about a year after we built our house was paint our front porch. We love it. It added so much character and it does make it stand out. Yours looks good too!

  7. "screw you little kitty cats" might just be my new favorite phrase.

    dying laughing over here.

  8. Glad for the staining tips as I am soon to be doing our front deck! Thanks! And great solution for the kitty cat murderers! I have two indoor cats, would never think to let them roam because I also have bird feeders in my yard, but also the park across the way is a known eagle, owl nesting site and raccoons frequent the creek with an occassional coyote passing through. I say everything in its place, even the outdoor things and domestic cats do not belong outdoors unless they are working rat killing barn cats....

  9. Ha! I'm so using your line on my neighbor's cat. My neighbor has an "outdoor cat." Every year some sweet mama bird makes a nest on my carport and every year that *#$@ cat kills the mama and/or babies. I am NOT a fan of that cat. She also periodically has intestinal upset on my front walk. Grrrr!

  10. Good afternoon.
    My name is Cynthia and I live in France. I found your blog on Pinterest strolling and what a great discovery! I'm in love with your beautiful home! In France we do not have such houses ... Your houses are so spacious. I'm also a stickler for storage and organization;-) But I have a small apartment so the pleasure is reduced. I see that we share the same passion sewing what so if you want say, come and see me on my blog!

  11. Its lovely to repaint the house after two years. I read your blog and inspired by the tips you've shared. I love cats in my home and have two. They are the best source to reduce rats and other crap things at home.

  12. I love the color of wet cedar too. Love that you stained it to always look that way.


  13. Thank you so much for the laugh! We too have had a problem with an outdoor kitty cat, and while she was a very sweet cat, she took to throwing up on our porch rug, using our furniture for a scratching post, and leaving us dead mice as gifts. I chased her off with a squirt bottle filled with water (aka: kryptonite to cats) and she hasn't been back since! Glad to hear that you have solved your cat problem!



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