Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Clothespin Bag

We're installing a clothesline this week and I'm abnormally excited about it! Like the night before Magic Mike excited ;) or should I say the night after Magic Mike excited ;) just kidding.

I picked up my first set of clothespins in anticipation, but I had no where to store them. So I broke out my sewing machine and made up a quick little bag.

I'm not an amazing sewer, I can sew straight lines, the occasional gentle curve but I'm definitely NOT an accomplished sewer. So I went with a tried and true Envelope Pillow case.
I made what was basically a very small envelope pillow cover, tutorial found here
The only changes I made were to sew a strip of fabric right on to the white cotton, and a small fabric tab I could use to hang the bag off of the hook we have outside.
I definitely could have bought one of the beautiful clothespin bags on Etsy. But I already had the fabric so this little fella cost me $0.
1 cute little bag + $0 spent is what I would consider a successful project! I can't wait to get that line up and start drying some clothes in the sun!


  1. I love it! I live in a condo and daydream about having a clothesline in my backyard one day. I would be abnormally excited about it too!

  2. I would love a clothes line. But the covenents for this neighborhood don't allow clothes lines outside. I have a drying rack that I use in the summer and I do throw my sheets over the railing in the summer as well. Need to put up a retractable one... one way around the silly rules here.

  3. I was abnormally excited about getting a clothesline too. I think it's just an exciting thing! I also love your little clothespin bag. I just use a pretty wooden bucket I had but the bag is a brilliant idea. Enjoy that clothesline and be sure to post some pics of it!

  4. I just used this same fabric for curtains in my office: Great minds think alike! :)

  5. I know how excited you would be. When I lived in Melbourne the weather was not great so mostly used the dryer and the fact that the first year lived in a unit where that's all you can do. When I moved back to Brisbane (Queensland) I was soooooo excited to hang clothes, sheets and towel on the clothesline. I can see why you are excited and the fact that your project didn't cost anything and is pretty I would be excited too...happy pegging???

  6. I officially am jealous!! I would LOVE a clothesline but I'd have to go 1.5 sets of deck stair flights to get to the ground level I ain't carrying clothes that far and I'm not sure the area would allow it. So I drape my clothes all around the railing of the upper deck. Every Thursday is laundry and bedding day and it's a GREAT Thursday if it's nice enough to put the clothes on the railing. It's private enough that I shouldn't be annoying my neighbours.....too much. Heehee.

  7. I'm jealous, too! We always had a clothesline when I was growing up, and I would love to have one now - but my husband & son have terrible allergies, so no hanging laundry out in the pollen-filled air. I do have two big drying racks inside, though.

  8. Love it! My Granny always had a clothesline, and she too made her own bag to hold her clothespins. We cannot have them here in the neighborhood due to the convenants. There is nothing like fresh sheets of the line!

  9. that bag is way cuter than anything linked up on etsy!



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