Tuesday, August 21, 2012

$6 Lamp Shade turned into a Pendant for the Basement Stairwell

I really just gave away my entire post in that title! Seriously . . . there was NO creative or clever play on words, no well thought out Puns, nothing! I laid all my cards on the table in the title. ;)
So, here it is . . . my $6 (+ fabric) shade as a pendant!
Please excuse the pictures . . . it's a really tight, dark space to take photos in! 
We had an old light fixture lying around the house for a while (it was originally a small pendant light with a glass shade that broke, it was also previously chrome but Lee sprayed it oil rubbed bronze so that it would match the sconce we added in the stairwell last spring. It was really simple to do, we just ran the wires through the middle of the shade and the shade rests on top of the fixture. Lee was able to install it just like any other light.
We still plan on adding a diffuser, but it will probably be something we have to order online because I've had NO luck finding one in a store!

I'm so happy with how it turned out . . . I'm even more happy because we no longer have to look at the ceiling version of THIS:
Basement Checklist:
  • Finish Drywall, and Paint
  • Add sconce to stairwell
  • Add art work
  • Add pendant light to stairwell
  • Add Deer Head
  • Fix Hot Water Tank Valve 
  • Add diffuser to the pendant shade!!
  • Rip out Carpet and lay down wood or laminate flooring.
  • Add a grouping of artwork on the main wall. (Important because it's the first thing you see when you open the door. 
So just a little bit more work to do . . . the carpet won't be happening for a LONG time, but the artwork will probably be a DIY project at the start of this FALL season!  :)


  1. That looks great! I never would have thought of trying that - but you'd never guess it wasn't meant to be a ceiling light!

  2. You always always come up with the BEST stuff!

    i was wondering if DIY-ing everything is actually more thrifty, or just picking something up when it goes on sale. :) What with running the gas to actually picking up supplies, and little known glues, and paints... i don't know if i'm cut out to be a DIY-er -- but you sure make everything sound easy and so MUCH fun.

    1. That's a great question! I'm going to turn it into a blog post!!! Keep an eye out for it next week!!!
      Thank you for the idea!
      Lots of Love

  3. Perfect place! It looks great and I love the fabric with the paint color!

  4. I'm planning to do this for a bedroom light and was wondering if you can explain how you hung the pendant? Did you use the metal piece that came with the shade?

  5. We just used an existing light and put the rod through the lamp shades center hole, and it rests on top of the light cluster!
    Hope that helps!



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