Friday, July 13, 2012

What a difference a year makes!

While we were outside testing stain samples for our front porch (more on that next week), I thought I would grab a couple of photos of the house. Although we're still a few weeks away from blooming hydrangeas I thought I would share what a difference a year makes.
I can't believe how much our plants have grown.

Last Year:
This Year:
We still have lots of plans for the exterior:
 1. We'd like to add an archway above the side gate, and maybe grow some wisteria on it. I'm hoping to make it a bigger pergola style archway.

2. I would love it if Lee could weld up a window box for me, I would put it under the third bedroom window, and grow some beautiful trailing flowers in it.

3. This will be one of our larger exterior projects, we plan on adding some cedar shingles to the second peak, like the cedar shingles in the first peak.
Also, we'll be welding up a new pendant light to replace the way under scaled one that is there now!

4. And Lastly, we'll plant some hostas on the shady side of our house between us and the neighbors.

It's a bit hard to see what's going on in the front, so I thought I'd share my front yard inspiration with you . . . I found this image on Pinterest a couple years ago and Loved the idea of a hedge of wild hydrangeas being contained by a hedge of super structured boxwood. So that's what is planted out front, white hydrangeas and boxwood!
Hopefully this is what our front yard will look like in 3 or 4 more years.

It's easy to overlook your growing perennials, which is why I'm so glad that I have this picture from last year to compare against. Patience is not a virtue of mine, so seeing evidence that things are in fact growing is really helpful for Me!!


  1. Love the window box idea! We have white Annabelle hydrangeas in front of our house & they're blooming like crazy right now.

  2. I also love boxwood and hydrangeas and hopefully our garden will turn out as nice as in your inspiration pictures ... We moved into our house 2 years ago, but could only start with the garden this year because our neighbours built their house a year later... so we have started this year and bought some roses, hydrangeas (It's called "endless summer" and has had huge pink blossoms all the time since we've had it!) and a lot of lavender... don't you love lavender as well, it smells just so good!!!

  3. I love the VISION you have. I have a hard time with that! Everything looks great. I especially like the row of boxwoods lining a sidewalk with hydrangeas peeking over. That will look GREAT when they are grown!

  4. Our hydrangeas are struggling in this heat...they start blooming her in late April/early May. A word of advice regarding Wisteria... it is extremely invasive...we had it planted in two areas, the first by the corner of our fence, and while it was beautiful when in bloom, it destroyed part of the fence as it has a mind of it's own and starting growing in-between the boards. And, the other area we had it was over our trapped the moisture, attracting bugs, and we ended up this year have to cut it down and redo the entire thing. And, despite our best efforts to get it's entire root system in both areas, it is already growing back!!

  5. Yikes! Your trees are too close to your house and will cause foundation problems down the road. See what we mean in this video:

  6. Your yard looks gorgeous! And I love all of your future plans!

  7. Yup ...... lookin good on the front!! I have to laugh because Jay and I just planted a boxhedge with hydrangeas behind. We got the tree hydrangeas with the mop head flowers. They are just about to bloom!!!!

  8. What great curb appeal you have! I have been pondering what to do with the front of our house. We live in a subdivision where all of the houses look pretty much the same, and all the yards are very immature still. I love the way yours looks!



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