Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Come in . . . hang your coat up!

Come on in . . . hang up your coat . . . on our new COAT TREE!
I'm not sure if I've ever squeaked out so much joy from $4? On a recent trip to our local secondhand store (Salvation Army) I found a very wobble-y, very gold coat tree. We've been looking for a coat tree since we moved in a year and a half ago but it wasn't a necessity so it always got pushed down the list. Luckily it did or we would have spent way more then $4.

Here's what the big gold beast looked like before:
and this is how he looks now . . . can you say tall, dark and handsome!?
Is there anything that a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint can't fix??  (side note: the coat hook behind the tree will get moved)
Now for $4 he wasn't without his issues. Besides the gold finish, it was missing one pipe topper and one screw. Lee was able to fix the screw by putting in one of our own, but the small ball is missing for good, we just turned that side towards the wall! ;) Fixed!
I think my favorite parts now, were my least favorite parts before we sprayed it. The Plastic Topper and Plastic fastener piece (it holds the two sections of pole together). They are made of super cheap plastic and when they were still gold it was really obvious, but in oil rubbed bronze they look fantastic!!!
I'm so glad that it all worked out, like I said we've been hoping to get a coat tree for that spot for a while now. We both had some serious concerns about whether or not the tree would be sturdy enough to hold up my purse and/or Lee's jackets but it doesn't seem to be an issue at all!
Best $4 spent . . . EVA!
I hope you like it as much as we do!!! Anyone else transformed an ugly duckling into a swan using ORB Spray Paint?


  1. Love his fancy legs! What a deal!

  2. Love it! I redid cabinet pulls with ORB spray paint. I also made over a terribly tacky light fixture in our basement with ORB.

  3. it's true! I love oil-rubbed bronze spray paint- it is especially good for transforming brass objects into something classy.

    I've transformed a thrifted gold wire mesh basket, all of our brass door knobs and several brass coat hooks from the dollar store for 2 different coat racks- one to hang wet mittens by the woodstove and an outdoor one for hanging wet towels & bathing suits in summer.

    Perhaps you could find a small wooden sphere/bead the right size to replace the missing ball. Adhere and spray paint to match.

  4. The after picture is amazing! It looks great. . .and you sure can't beat the price!!


  5. that's your best bargain as chips .... looks great.

  6. That's gorgeous! I wish we lived in a climate where something like this was actually necessary - I'd love a beautiful coat rack like that!

  7. Oh how I love ORB! It's one of the best spray paint colours ever invented!! Your coat rack is to die for, we too are on the hunt for one!

  8. I love ORB ....its my new best friend. I used it for the first time last month and find myself looking for things to spray paint. I painted our outside light fixtures that were faded and they look brand new. I'm thinking the mail box will be my next project.

  9. Great idea! Love it! One question for you - regarding your walk in closet - where did you get your closet center piece in your closet - one part with the drawers and shelves?
    Love your blog! I'm so inspired :)

  10. I see your awesome desk. How do you keep it so neat and clean?


    1. haha
      Having an inbox on the main desk is super helpful. If you have an inbox then all your mail and random papers go in there until you're ready to deal with them, instead of all over the desk.
      It's not that tidy though, if you look closely at the last picture, that small bit of red is actually a Canadian Flag I took down after Canada Day and have yet to fold up and put away! ;)
      Lots of Love

  11. Love it! The contrast is great against the walls!

  12. Love it! ORB does wonders, doesn't it?!!! Like someone mentioned, you can probably find a wooden ball, or even a ball bearing that size and paint it to fix the missing one.

  13. Ashli, you are a GENIUS! I would never have thought that yucky gold thing could turn out so beautifully! i've also never even heard of ORB. My mind is spinning with ways I can use it!!!

  14. love the coat rack. My mom has a vintage wood one from the 70s I'm trying to get her to give to me when I buy a house. Hopefully she does!! It's just sitting in my old sister's room collecting dust with old never worn hats.

  15. Oh my love your new coatrack. I think you can easily fix that missing ball by either using a small marble or ball bearing, just super glue it on and then a quick spray with the bronze paint and yeah an easy fix. Good luck!

  16. Ashli,
    I love it!!!! And what I love more is the $4 cost. I love anything bronze looking so I am really happy for you for how it turned out. It's really nice.

  17. We have a coat tree by our front door which is great for guests since our coat closet is small and FULL with our own coats.
    *I bet you could glue a marble or a piece of self hardening clay you roll into a ball of appropriate size and give a quick spray of the ORB to replace the missing ball cap.

  18. Ha! Was that at the local Sally Ann? I feel like I saw they same one and passed it up because of the wobbly factor! Looks good! I am looking for one too!

  19. I found some coat racks at a store here in Seattle that were all black and rusty. I painted them both gray and teal then put one downstairs for a coat rack and a second one in our bedroom to hold some purses.



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