Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Layout for better navigation

Thank you so much for the moodboard love this morning! We're so excited to be able to offer our first ever Moodboard service!!!

Speaking of Big Changes . . .  what do you think of our new Look.
For our 2 year blog-iversary I wanted to change up the look a bit. You'll see two new headers this one:
 and this one:
Something about a photo collage that makes me happy! I think that the photo headers give new comers a better idea of what we're all about . . . Simplified, Organized, Green Living.

We've had the new navigation bar up for a while but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew it was a drop down menu! We've categorized all of our recipes under Cook. So if you're looking for a vegetarian recipe, or a recipe with chicken it's easier to find now!!
Since I think organization is so important I categorized all of our organization posts by room! So now if you're working on organizing your kitchen you can pull up all of our kitchen organization posts in one place.
Our Garden label also drops down in to 3 categories, Garden (flowers), Vegetable Gardening and Lawn Care and Holiday drops down into specific holidays, now if it's Christmas and you're looking to find Christmas posts they're right here!
and Lastly, if you're looking for room specific posts, we have new buttons on our sidebar for just that purpose! Room by Room:
Phew . . . that was a lot of changes in one week! We'll still be adding a footer and some other widgets but for the most part . . . operation blog renovation is DONE.

Check back with us tomorrow for our end of the celebration posts. We have a Frequently asked questions posts, questions like "what does Lee do for work?", " Do you want blogging to be a full time blogger?"  " future bloggy plans?" things like that. 
And since we tackled a day in my life post, I thought we'd throw in a fun . . . A Day in Max's life post! 
Hope to see you tomorrow!!!


  1. LOVE the blog renovation ~ everything looks fantastic!!

  2. everything does look awesome!! i noticed the other day that you had the drop down boxes, i wish i was more knowledgeable about things like that. it looks awesome!!

  3. I love the new layout and the headers are awesome! Very much a representation of what your blog is all about. Can't wait for tomorrow's posts!! Kylee will be sooo excited too. And, one of the photos in this post answered my question to you (I can see you made your table runners ;)

  4. Woohoo! Everything looks great, and I love the new categorisation :-)

    I can't wait to read about Max's day! Since working from home, I've discovered that my kitten Saphira's days involve a taxing routine of sleeping on my husband's office chair in the morning, taking a nap on a dining chair in the afternoon and then sleeping off all that hard work on the couch. It's a tough life for a housecat!

  5. Awesome! Can't wait for a Day in Max's that guy!

  6. What a great week of bloggy work you have shared this week! I loved every entry, the video home tour and the new layout. I may have to commision you to do a mood board for me soon or at least ask you for some living room has a vaulted ceiling, a bit like what you have in your master bothers me, but I will leave that for another day. Congrats on a job well done here!

  7. Hey Ashli,
    Great job with the blog this week. You had me excited to see what was coming for the next day. I think my new plan in life is to win the lotto or lottery thingy and get enough mula to buy you all plane tickets and get you over here to NY and redocrate my house for me. Oh yeah first I have to start by playing the lotto. LOL. Loving the blog and all the great new layouts and posts. Thanks for being my favorite blogger and always taking the time to acknowledge your many fans. I have learned so much from you in the short time since I have stumbled across your blog and I sincerely want to thank you for all the inspiration you have given me. Good luck and I wish you the best in all your new endeavors. I am sure I will be needing your services one day.

  8. I like the new look and the drop-down menus are great!

  9. This is one of the reasons I love your blog. It's ORGANIZED! Everything is easy to find and it doesn't feel cluttered. :) Congratulations on your blog Anniversary! I have really enjoyed your posts this week. It's fun to get an extra "fix" with multiple daily posts this week. :)

  10. I love the new layout. Very good job!

  11. The new layout looks great! I'm crazy for the first header- and kudos on all that organization. I know it's a lot of work, and we thank you for it!



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