Monday, June 11, 2012

Cupcake Wedding

First off THANK YOU for all the Blog-iversary love. It was a very busy but very exciting week. We've decided to add a few more elements to the blog, clearly we need more Max posts!! hehe and we'll Definitely be adding more Video posts! Thank you so much for letting us know what you'd like to see more of!!!

Following our busy week, we had a VERY busy weekend baking cupcakes for a wedding!!
We hit some speed bumps along the way . . . the ovens at the hall weren't working correctly and the pink fondant didn't set as hard as I would have liked but they all got made . . . all 300 of them! 
I was so lucky that Lee was there with me. We were planning on baking the cupcakes at the hall but the ovens weren't working properly, they would heat up to 350, then drop to 200, then shoot up to 500, so Lee took all the ingredients home and baked the remaining 200 at home while I helped the girls decorate the hall.  Then later that evening Lee brought them all back to the hall and I iced and topped them. And let me tell you . . . that man of mine can bake a cupcake!!!! And build a cupcake stand, check out that bad boy! Dan (the groom) and Lee built the cupcake stand out of plywood, wood dowels and plastic piping. It was beautiful. At the Brides request we lined each tier with pink satin ribbon and I think it's my favorite part!
There were 150 Cherry Chip (the brides favorite) and 150 Chocolate with a reece peanut butter cup at the bottom. Buttercream Frosting with a fondant polka dot on the top.

I might have carpal tunnel from icing 300 cupcakes but the bride and groom were happy which made me very happy. 
Phew . . .


  1. Your cupcakes always look so beautifully frosted. Would you consider doing a tutorial?
    Love your's my go-to read every day.

  2. yummmm! mamma, i want a cupcake stand tutorial!!! lucky bride!

  3. Looks like Cupcake War quality to me. Love that show!

  4. OMG Ashli and he bakes too. Beautiful cupcakes. You are so talented and I am amazed everytime I come on your site. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Um, excuse me, want LOTS more pictures! You guys are amazing and so kind to put in so much work for the bride and groom. You SHOULD be on that cupcake show. :)

  6. OMG that was a LOT of work. They're so lucky to have friends like you and Lee!

  7. DANG. That bride owes you one. For serious.

  8. delish!! i would luv a tutorial on how to icing the cupcakes, mine always look very choppy. also would lee be so kind as to do a tutorial on the cupcake stand?

  9. Wow! I two need to go on cupcake wars!! They look delicious. We love cupcakes at our house.

  10. Gorgeous! And Lee can bake too? Really, that's just not fair! ;-)

    That bride ows you BIG time! they look delish!!


  11. Not nice!!! Those cupcakes are making me hungry!! Lol. They do look gorgeous and I too am going to request a tutorial on icing cupcakes. My cupcakes look like sick puppies.


  12. What can't you two do? I love the cupcake stand. Your cupcakes are beautiful!



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