Monday, May 28, 2012

White Flowers

I finally nailed down a color scheme for the backyard flowers . . . it's WHITE. Well white and green!
No crazy earth shattering news . . . just white flowers for the backyard!
 I Love white flowers they seem so elegant to me!
We started out with a tall black planter with some pretty petunias in it. We placed it just outside the garage door! I spent all of last year looking for a tall black planter at a decent price, I finally found one at Homesense for $40.
 I love petunias, but the one thing I don't love about them in all the dead heading that goes along with them! It's easier if they're easily within reach. I once had a petunia hanging baskets and spent many hours that summer with my arms above my head trying to dead head the darn thing. Here I am dead heading away . . . 
Next we added some impatiens and alyssum in pots on the steps. I love potted flowers going down steps! Sing it with me  "Step by Step . . . ooooo baby"
We're working on phase two right now. Here's what phase one looked like:
Phase 1:
-Set up raised vegetable beds (our own little victory garden)
-Plant geraniums in pots on the back steps. 
-Plant Apple and Pear Trees. 
-Plant cedar trees. 
-Add a compost bin.  

And here's where we are on phase two.
Phase 2:
-Add large planter beside garage door. 
-Plant a shade tree at the back of the yard.
-Change out boring metal garage door, with a pretty wood and glass one.
-Add an outdoor sofa, maybe a sectional.

In phase 3 we plan on adding a small, very low deck so that we have somewhere to host a little dinner outside! But that's at least a year away . . . maybe more!

I hope you're lov'in the white as much as we are!!!

btw, did you notice our new navigation bar?? It drops down! Under cook you can find all of our recipes categorized, and under organize you can find our solutions room by room. I hope it makes finding posts easier!!


  1. That looks lovely! My front yard is all white and purple flowers and I love it. I'm glad it's not all random colours...I like the structure.

  2. Looks gorgeous! Loving your blog :)


  3. Just lovely. I spent the last couple of weekends doing the same. Just fyi..the Supertunia Vista petunias are a variety of petunias that don't need deadheading. (I're probably saying, now they tell me :) ) Can't wait to see the rest of your plans on phase 2 and 3!

  4. beautiful! i think white flowers are tres elegant :)

  5. Love!! We finally finished the yard this weekend. Whew!! Hope to take pics soon, today's a bit dreary, but I and our new lawn/garden will take the rain, please and thank you! I too went with mostly white and green this year. So simple and clean. I did add a bit of burgundy as well. This is the first year I put together a couple pots without flowers, just pretty foliage and I love them!!

  6. Oh wow I love the white!! I never would have thought to use just white flowers but it is super elegant!

  7. I have only started to work on the garden these days, because we had some major work done in our backyard there until last week ... but tomorrow I am heading to the garden center! I made a list today with the help of a garden book and chose some flowers that I definitely want. There are some colorful flowers like allium, purple coneflower, lavender... but I thought that adding a lot of white (like in hydrangeas, white bleeding heart.... might make it look more elegant, too. I like your white flowers!!! By the way, we also plan to have a wooden deck behind our house, but I think that'll have to wait until next year. :(

  8. Have you ever tried the brand "PROVEN WINNERS" ? I have been buying them for years-you do not have to dead head the petunias and they grow like crazy! I always buy the PW supertunias and superbells. Check out their website to see if anyone by you carries them.

  9. Those look so pretty! They look lovely!

  10. Looks so pretty, love the white flowers in the black tall planter.

  11. Love all of your pots! I love petunias. I will be planting some when we get back from vacation. I don't think oldest will remember to water them. LOL We are busy working outside on our long holiday weekend. Repainting front door (new door knob/handle - oil rubbed bronze! Yay!) Painting garage door. Door #3 mind you. Who knew that you needed a hurricane rated door living in WI?! LOL Darn winds out here keep destroying mine. Our garden is planted. Lot of veggies. :) Now just waiting for the seeds to sprout.

  12. Very pretty! I love all white flowers!!
    I have been working on our yard and flowers as well. I will be posting about it tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing, Ashli! You are inspirational as always!

  13. luv it all!! on the deck i suggest the composite wood. we had to save a little longer to afford it but it was worth it. it was at our old home and it's still just as strong as when we built it and there's not that yearly sealing with the chemicals. OH! i read that you can keep slugs away with a "penny ball" hot glue pennies on a styrofoam ball and place it in your garden (pinterest total luv!). and if u got hydrangeas it will make them blue!

  14. White flowers are lovely and they are also beautiful at night.
    When doing a pot I follow the rule "Thriller,filler and spiller." The thriller is a tall centrepiece,the filler are flowers that compliment the thriller and the spiller are plants that tumble over the pot.

  15. White is my favorite color. Your stairs look awesome, love the pots. We are actually looking for pots like those ..... I love your inspiration.

  16. I will second wimp's suggestion on the composite wood decking (Trex, Fribron, etc). We get a TON of sun here in the south and had to replace our decking 3 times before we added the porch roof, and went with the composite. Just a little pressure washing each year and that is it!! It is more expensive up front, but is so much more cost effective long term. Our railings are also made of composite material as well.

  17. They look really pretty, now you'll have flowers on a Friday straight from your backyard :)

  18. My favorite combination!...Looks fabulous!

  19. Love the flowers! Im looking for floral inspiration for my new place and I think white is beautiful! I just started a blog for the first time and I have no followers yet! So I'm looking for some blog love!



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