Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turn that Frown Upside Down

Just a quickie change-up in our downstairs hallway.
We had what can only be described as the half boob sconce. It was . . . let's just say, not our "style".
 I was desperate to find a replacement. I went to Lowes and saw what I thought would be the perfect fixture. It had the whole oil rubbed bronze thing going on. And the linen shade was C-ute!

Turns out  there wasn't a enough room between the lamp shade and the sloped ceiling. So it looked like I might have to take it back . . . but then I "Turned that Frown, Upside Down" hehe. I flipped the sconce, so that the shade was down.
 Success!!! I think I might try to add a little diffuser to the bottom so you can't see the tiny bit of white on the inside. But we'll try that later!
For now I'm sporting my upside down frown (a big smile) over getting rid of the 'half boob' light!

btw, I'm busy working on a how to make a Fake Roman Blind post for next week. And working on a "Things I'm afraid to tell you" post for tomorrow. I hope you'll pop back and check 'em out!!


  1. So clever! I've been loving the stylish lighting options at big box stores lately. There are so many pretty ones out there now!
    Love the linen shade of yours.

  2. Perfect! I love that more and more fixtures are being designed to be used either up or down depending on your taste. Cassie had painted the inside of some of her lampshades gold...looked really pretty especially when lit at night.

  3. It's the little things that make us happy. :o) New fixture looks great.

  4. That is awesome! What a creative idea to a common problem. I actually kind of like it this way better!

  5. Love it - it's all the little touches that make such a huge difference eh?
    "Things you're afraid to tell us" - I can't wait!

  6. Looks great!! I can't wait for the "Things your afraid to tell us" post!! I think we all have a list of those things as bloggers!! Mine would be titled the "Deep dark secrets" post! :-)

  7. Looks so nice and crisp.

    Can't wait for the Fake Roman Shade tutorial!

  8. We just bought this fixture for our stairway as well. Now I'm thinking it looks better upside down!


  9. I saw a great idea for a diffuser for making your own ceiling drum pendant. They used a flexible cutting board- I've seen them at the dollar store. While the small $store size wouldn't be large enough for a big drum shade, it would be plenty big for your sconce shade.

  10. That looks great! I think I like it better your way than the original way!



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