Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Posts

Only in blogland can a person be two places at once . . . Today I'm walking My 365 readers through a house tour.
And simultaneously giving an Organizational House Tour (all of our favorite organized spots) on 11 Magnolia Lane.
Hope you have a great weekend, I'll be busy trying to sew up a Faux-man blind . . . get it like a Roman, but a faux Roman blind . . . Fauxman!! Break out the dictionary . . . it's going in!


  1. You have got the best sense of humor! Going to check out your posts!!

  2. Gosh I love your bedroom!!! Thanks for the intro to the new bloggers!!

  3. Great job on the fireplace in the master bedroom!Enjoying your blog very much!

  4. Love your 11 Magnolia Lane post - those cutlery trays turned jewelry organizers are genius!

    Kelly @ herringbone lane



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