Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Fashion Shopping List

Something that helps me a lot is making a type of Master Shopping List. I do it when I decorate a room, and I do it for my wardrobe!
It helps me save money. I know what I'm looking for when I go shopping. It forces me to take a look at what I have already and decide what will seamlessly fit in and makes sure I don't keep buying the same thing over and over (how many grey sweaters does a girl need?).
I have 7 pieces I'm looking for this spring, I probably won't find them all (hopefully not because I can't afford them all) but I'll be looking:
1. A yellow scarf: This one is from Kate Spade (so it might not be this one exactly at $105).
2. A great pair of super wide leg jeans. I can't do the skinny jeans thing, I blame my hips. These ones are from Levi and are $50!
3.Some great Yellow Nail Polish.
4. A new Clutch, I love this one from BCBG and at $78 I might be able to afford it this spring.
5. A new pair of flats in a color! I have lots of flats but I'd like something BRIGHT . . . maybe they match my new clutch. These ones are from H&M and are around $13!
6. Oh MY! These earrings, I would pierce my own ears with a rusty nail to wear these (thankfully my ears are already pierced so I won't have to). They are from Stella and Dot and are just under $50.
And Lastly,
7. A New Plaid Shirt! Something in a really light weight! This one is from Old Navy and is $25!

You might be wondering why there are no tank tops and shorts? Short Answer: I live in Canada. The mildest part of Canada, but it's still Canada and Spring is not shorts weather, not for me anyways.

I hope you like it! I make all of my Fashion Boards using Polyvore, Love them. Here's a link to my Polyvore page, it should have links to all of the cool stuff on my list.


  1. Great idea! I cleaned my closet out big time last year, and so need to go back through a see what truly needs to be added in. Target had some great striped scarfs this spring, not sure if they had yellow though.

  2. I impulse bought a pair of yellow flats and now I wear them all. the. time. Surprisingly they go with everything (yellow is a neutral apparently!) Then it opened the flood gates, and now I own a pair of coral flats and turquoise. I also feel the need to find a skinny yellow belt to go with them....

  3. I so need to do some spring shopping to get out of the dull dark winter wear.

  4. JCPenney has some plaid shirts from the A.N.A. brand that are cute and affordable. Good luck in your search.

  5. I ordered those earrings from Stella & Dot last week....haven't received them yet because they're backordered. Can't wait to wear them. Love all your selections! Sandy

  6. Ooooh I love love love your selections! Those flats seem so fun! I wish there were more places to shop in this small town of mine :( On a plus note it's been reaching 15-20 degree weather lately!

  7. That is a great idea! I like to do something similar & I go a bit further after I make my decisions. I put outfits together, usually 2 weeks at a time. I do have a large closet, so I have a special area for this. I keep all my jewelry sets in little nylon bags (Michael's wedding aisle), so I grab a top, bottom, scarf, & sweater (or jacket), loop my jewelry bag around the hangers & sometimes a purse, too. I try to do lots of casual with just a couple of dressy casual thrown in. I do lots of mixing and matching & this method keeps me from wearing the same combo of pieces all the time. It's also great if we decide to take a little trip. I literally just lay my grouped sets (hangers & all) into my suitcase, then simply hang them when I get to my destination. Less wrinkles this way, & hotels never have enough!

    I love those tangerine flats!

  8. This inspired me to look through my Style board on Pinterest and make a list of ten items I would like to acquire in the near future....

    I just recently started reading your blog and am loving every moment of it. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Your transparency is beautiful.

  9. Those earrings are lovely... and the flats. Those are on my list too! I have been searching for a cute pair in color.

  10. Love your choices. I just bought those exact Stella and Dot earrings. I ordered them way back in March and they finally came yesterday. I'm loving them!

  11. LOVE LOVE that yellow scarf!! Those are all great finds!


  12. Oh nice wide leg jeans.... I think they look great on a lot of women... oh that yellow scarf....I need to track that down,rather hard here in the middle of no where Ontario. You have wonderful taste.

  13. LOVE that scarf. And how wide leg jeans hide a multitude of the sins that skinny jeans totally expose with me.


  14. i luv all the items! i just come across some great nail polish - cheap - but great coverage. Pure Ice at walmart, its like $2 or $3 and they have alot of colors. i just got their spring lime green.



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