Friday, April 13, 2012

Flowers on Friday: Front Yard

It's official Spring has Sprung at this manor.
I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing spring bulbs popping up. Every year I think it's amazing!

Last fall I planted 50 Purple Tulips and 50 White ones. They bloom at different times, purple first and then the white should be next. I figured since our hydrangeas don't bloom until later in the Spring it might be nice to have some color and life out there.
Here's what popped up this week:

Seriously, I think bulbs are so cool, you plant them . . . basically forget about them, and then BAM!
Here's what else has been blooming, our Hydrangeas have leaves and so do the maple trees:

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Weather permitting we'll be in the yard all weekend, cleaning up from Winter and getting started on some spring planting.
We should have a great post about our garden for you next week, as well as a fantastic giveaway and a library . . . or should I say OFFICE update!!!


  1. Beautiful flowers! Im feeling inspiration to get out into the yard, gotta love spring air!
    ~S, coq bc

  2. I am a new reader to your lovely blog. I am in the UK where SPring is sort of coming along, after a 2 week heatwave in March we are expecting snow flurries this weekend, blossom is out on the tree, daffodils have burnt out and my bluebells which are coming along too early will be killed off by the impending snow!
    My family and I have visited West Coast Canada twice and loved every part of it, the architecture and weather being quite similar to us in the UK, our weather has gone a bit odd, yours looks likes its blooming in the right way!

  3. So gorgeous! I am itching to do a little planting! Those tulips are too pretty :)

  4. Those flowers are beautiful! What gorgeous pop of color. I'm going to try out bulbs this fall. I tried at my old house, but squirrels dug them up & ate them! We don't have many squirrels at the new place, so I'll try again.

  5. Gorgeous!! I miss tulips! When I lived in Ohio, I planted over 300 bulbs in my front flower bed. Red tulips and yellow daffodils. Can't plant them and forget them here in Southern California. I just buy them cut at the farmers market.
    Your tulips look amazing! Can't wait to see the white ones!

  6. I loooove your tulips! Perfect color to start off spring blooms!

  7. Beautiful! I want to plant some bulbs this next fall. Everything is starting to bloom here, and my knockout roses are already in full bloom! Need to spend a few days in our backyard too. Have a great weekend!

  8. So beautiful! The purple is gorgeous. I planted a lot of bulbs and they are just staring to pop through the soil. Tulips are some of our favorites. I hope to do some gardening this weekend. It's one of my passions. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Ashli!

  9. I've always wanted hydrangeas! And the tulips are gorgeous!

  10. Great color tulips. I think I need to go purple and black next year.
    I can't believe how easy hydrangeas are to grow. They spring up so easily in our yard here. Gorgeous color going on at your place.




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