Friday, March 30, 2012

Flowers on Friday: Dining Room

To simply call today's post Flowers on Friday doesn't do the post justice. It's Lots and Lots and Lots of flowers on Friday.
For some reason or another we had 4 bouquets in the house at one time . . . It could be because I have a super sweet husband or I could have bought them for my self at the market, on sale 4 bunches for $10. Or Oprah could have sent them over to let me know how much she loves the blog ;).  Either way I ended up with a whole schwack of flowers on the dining room table!!!

Happy Spring!!!!


  1. It's a nice tradition to have fresh flowers in the house. I have started to bring flowers every week when I do the grocery shopping, too. Only my husband hasn't adopted that "new tradition" yet. Whenever he does the shopping, it's a flowerless week. :(

  2. Love this photograph! Sooo beautiful.

  3. Sweet! I so love that door!!!!!!


  4. Beautiful! Right now I am listening to hundreds of whistles and girls screaming! Welcome to a National Qualifier!! LOL

  5. I love spring flowers! Brightens up the whole place.

    Great door!

  6. hmmmm, I'd stick with the Oprah version;) Happy Spring!



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