Thursday, February 16, 2012

Calling in SICK!

Today I'm calling in SICK! I wish I had a new project to show you but I haven't moved off of the couch since SUNDAY!
 Image found Here.

Poor Lee,  I believe he Just ran out of socks . . . so I'll spend half of today mustering up the energy to put a load of laundry in, and the rest of the day recovering from my big laundry event! But Yesterday was the first day I could smell so that's improvement . . . although the smell was Max's accident beside the back door while I was napping on the couch :S So maybe it wasn't  win win!!
I've been splitting up my time between sleeping and redecorating rooms in my head!
I've come up with an entirely new feng shui Layout and color scheme for the entire house! (Keep an eye out for a post on that).
But mostly I've been watching awful daytime television . . . where's Oprah when you need her!!! 

Here's my Super Sick Survival Kit:
I have a STACK beside me . . . Martha's New Organizing Magazine (although at $10.95 it's more like a flimsy book).

House and Home's February Issue, as well as Style at Home's February issue.

I also have my collection of Martha Stewart Magazines scattered about . . . mostly her spring issues (might as well start planning for Spring).

2) Gingerale! Drink of mildly queezy!

3) My laptop with a constant Pinterest Feed! And I'm now so caught up on facebook I've reached creepy and borderline stalker status.

4) Movies . . . I have watched every free movie our cable company has to offer . . . word to the wise . . . Step up 3 is as bad, if not worse, than you thought it would be!

5) And, One fluffy, very lazy, little doggy to keep you company!

6) Oh, and if at all possible Fresh Flowers! Thankfully Valentine's Day was this week so I get to stare at a lovely bouquet of Gerbers (I should have pictures up tomorrow for a V-Day Flowers on Friday!!!)


  1. Hope that cold goes away soon, Ashli!!! Feel better!

  2. I hope you are soon feeling better. I think I am just starting with the same, so I will keep your survival kit ideas to hand!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy today.

  4. Prayers coming your way that you feel better soon. Dogs are such good company when you are sick, what a blessing.

  5. Okay, only you could make a post about being sick funny! Hope you feel better soon. Kate's lasted about 5-6 days, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. We had her taking the natural flu meds and it seemed to help (she's still on an antibiotic for sinuses though). Can't wait to see what you come up with for the house with all that time to think. Poor Lee!! LOL

  6. Bless your heart, Ashli! Those darn bugs can just last forever sometimes. Maybe Lee can just pick himself up a new pack of sox to get through the next couple of days, until you are better. He probably could use a few more any way!! Eat some more chocolate while looking at those magazines. Here's hoping you feel better soon!

  7. Tell that man to throw a load of laundry in the washer, and then throw it in the dryer . . .and then pull some socks out! Sheesh

  8. seems everyone is getting sick, hope you feel better soon.

  9. I hope you are feeling better soon. No one likes to be sick, but it can be especially hard when you are a high-energy individual.

    I'm so glad you have "Martha" and Max for company.

  10. Hope you feel better, it seems everyone is getting sick. My teenage sons can do laundry and cook so if they can do it I am sure your husband can.:-)

  11. Aw sweetie, I do hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you are on the mend. That reminds me, I should go and hit up Pinterest, I haven't been there lately.

  12. Oh, you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon.

    I have to say though, it is so good to know that other people get knocked out when sick? Some people in the Mystical Land of the Blog just seem to be constantly healthy or at least able to continue doing 50 billion things while sick.

    I'm sending you lots of feel better vibes!

  13. Thanks for all well wishes!!!
    I should make it clear that Lee is perfectly capable of doing laundry, he just always works late on Thursday's and it just happens that Today is the day he ran out of socks!!! haha
    He definitely can/is willing to do laundry. . . it's the only reason I have clean pajama's this week ;)
    Lots of Love

  14. Magazines and daytime tv that is my perfect day in, though being sick not so much fun! Feel better soon *hugs*

  15. Queasy??!! Oooooooo, I hope it has nothing to do with the cold! Fingers crossed! Feel better!

  16. I saw that special Martha magazine and I hesitated. Is it worth it?

    1. I'm dying to know that too!

  17. Hi girls!
    Honestly I don't think that the magazine is worth it! It's just old images from old issues put together in a magazine! You can find all the images and tips on Martha's website under organization!!
    It wasn't horrible, just stuff that we've all seen from Her before!!
    Hope that helps!



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