Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Christmas Gifts!

Most years we put a 2 gift cap on Christmas, my birthday is in November, then Christmas, then our Anniversary and Lee's Birthday in January so the 2 Gift Christmas rule works really well for us!
One gift we pick out for ourselves, something special that we really want and the second gift we pick out for each other, something special we think the other person will really love.

This year Lee got something for his car, new shocks or  . . . I really have no idea what he got for his car, but he spent and entire weekend out there do stuff to the front of his car . . . seriously I have NO idea!

And for Lee I picked out a skeleton t-shirt from Lee loves everything skeleton-y so this shirt, with the outline on the front and back, was right up his alley.

For myself I picked out these WOOD LAMPS. I saw them at Homesense (moral of the story, when you go to homesense wear blinders). I love the rustic feel of them . . . I think they match the coffee table really well and they are perfect for the new fabric I picked out for pillows (hopefully I can sew those up this weekend and I'll have new pillows and a new laundry room to share next week :).

And Last, Lee picked out a fabulous new coffee maker! It's a tassimo and I LOVE IT!  Love it,  love it!! I super super love it . . . I might have had too much coffee ;)
For some reason I am incapable of making a decent pot of coffee, so this was the perfect present for me and it's WHITE!

So there's our Christmas Gift Philosophy, and our Christmas Gifts! Anyone else get anything they are in Love with???


  1. What a great idea! Loving Lee's shirt, too funny!! We have a Keurig coffee maker and LOVE it. Especially since everyone likes to drink something different. Favorites this year? Toss up between the artwork our oldest made for me and the Kate Spade bangle the youngest gave me.

  2. Haha! Great shirt! Love Homesense for lamps, anywhere else is just too expensive! I too have and LOVE my Tassimo coffee maker, but....WHITE, it comes in WHITE!!! I wish I had known! ;)

  3. Those lamps are gorgeous! I love the white coffee maker too. I don't drink coffee, but if I did I would definitely have to get one of those, haha. =)

  4. I think I've read most of your blog but haven't found out what kind of car Lee is working to enlighten?

    Oh and I LOVE the white coffee maker and the lamps - I try to steer clear of HomeSense, it's a vortex ;)

  5. Great gift giving idea. That is one pretty coffee maker!

  6. I have the same coffee maker and LOVE it as well! It's so easy, looks great and makes a great cup of coffee! I am so excited for you! :) Those lamps are so lovely as well, I am excited to see how they play into the whole room!

    Happy holidays sweet girl!


  7. Josh and I were't going to buy 'much' this year with baby coming but we invested in a camera finally! We chose the Nikon D3100 DSLR. LOVE. Now, if only I knew how to use it!! I hope to start using it for blog pictures soon! Hopefully it will amp up my blog factor ;) We can't wait to take pics and vids of our little bundle! JOsh snuck in a few Pandora beads for my bracelet too! LOVE the lamps Ashli! SO pretty :) Cant wait to see what you sew up for cushion covers too!

  8. Good stuff! Gotta hand it to Tassimo, they do make a pretty coffee machine (and their coffee is good too!), I love coffee mugs, glasses and the such, and I'm loving that white mug in the picture, where did you get yours???

  9. I didn't know Tassimo came in white!?! Great gifts!! I celebrated my 40th on Dec 23th and my gift was a SONY dslr camera. I love it!!

  10. Love Tassimo! It looks great in white.

  11. I find this post ..... So YOU TWO. That shirt is so Lee and that lamp is so you. That Tassimo makes kick butt coffee! Thanks for Tassimo experience.

  12. I absolutely love you hobnail coffee cups can I ask where you purchased them?

    Thank you again love your blog..such an inspiration!

  13. The Coffee cup is from The Real Canadian Superstore here in Canada. If I find anything similar, that's available in the US too I'll let you know :)
    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

  14. Karen M-
    For the side stitches I did them the same distance away from the edge as the top and bottom stitches. And I just attached the fabric to the top of the mop, no wrap around edges!
    I hope that helps
    Sorry I should Have been more clear!
    Lots of Love

  15. Have I ever told you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your backsplash? Do you have any details on it? It is a pure white subway tile or a little off white? What is the grout? And the brown is just glass 1 inch squares right? Thank you so much - and sorry for all the questions!

  16. Hi Amy . . . and Rick (although I do suppose this is Amy :)
    The backsplash tiles are just plain white subway tiles. The grout is a light beige, I'm still deciding if I like the light beige or if I would prefer white (jury is still out!) and the squares are little 1" by 1" Marble tiles, I think Homedepot carries them :)
    I hope that helps!
    If you have anymore questions ask away!! :)



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