Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Pillow Sneek Peek!

I'm sewing pillows again . . . surprised? . . . I didn't think so.

I saw this great stripe on sale at Fabricland and I couldn't help myself! I payed way too much for it, but I LOVES it!

I brought it home with some other super cheap quilting fabric and when I pulled it out of the bag and our conversation went something like this:
Lee: "Hey I really like that fabric"
Me: "Yeah mee too, but it was SUPER expensive"
Lee: "oh like $5 a yard ? ? "
Me: "aaaa yeah  . . . . sure? ? ? (like 6 times that, she says under her breath)"

I bought 1 yard of fabric at $33 I've never spent that much on a yard of fabric before and I might never again but I really LOVED the stripe and I'm willing to pay a little more for something I LOVE.

To keep the cost down . . . I'm going to use the super expensive stripe for the front of the pillows and a much cheaper paisley for the back. So, if you're doing the math,  that works out to $16.50 a pillow, much more reasonable!

I would have finished this week but I had and impending anniversary this Saturday to plan for . . . we'll be celebrating 6 years of marital bliss on Saturday!  Hopefully I'll find a quick hour or so to finish off my pillows . . . and maybe another 30 minutes or so to whip up another pillow how to, this time a simple variation on our super simple Envelope Pillow Covers.
Check for all of that early Next week!! :)


  1. Wow, that is expensive! I usually fall in love with super expensive decorator fabrics. Maybe one day I'll let myself splurge! You are right, though, $16 for a pillow is not bad at all, especially with high-quality fabrics. Can't wait to see a tutorial!

  2. It is amazing how much fabric can cost, isn't it? I once saw a Pottery Barn pillow case cover for $50 and thought if I could find the fabric I could do it cheaper. Well I found the fabric but at a whopping $120 per yard!! Needless to say, I purchased neither. I want to start sewing this year so I am looking forward to reading your tutorials.

  3. Love the fabric. Every now and then I will splurge for a fabric I love. Can't wait for the tutorial. I need to get my sewing machine back out. Love the nail color too, what's it called?

  4. For anyone who's wonder'in . . . my nail color is 'Ski Teal we Drop' by OPI!!! :)

  5. Never feel guilty about spending too too much on fabric..... It's what you enjoy doing AND you have a kick butt sewing machine to boot. Excuse the pun. ;). Have a wonderful anniversary dinner and I can't wait to see the reveal.

  6. Oh yeah and nice nails.... Thanks for the source.

  7. I'd be so nervous about cutting into $33-a-yard fabric!

  8. Love your blog! Pretty nails :-)



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