Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Living Room Pillows: a How To

 You've seen my previous envelope pillow how to, but what do you do if you want the back of the pillow in a different fabric . . . or you're like me and are too cheap to buy expensive fabric for the front and the back?
First things first cut your fabric. I measure my pillows and add 1 inch for a seam allowance. For the front of the pillow (or the envelope part), you want to add 2 inches for the hem . . 3 inches if your folding it back over (as seen in steps 1-3), plus you'll need to add another 2 inches for the overlap in the front.
Step 1: Fold over the front edge not once but twice, IRON.
Step 2: Flip the hem back over, IRON.
Step 3: Sew two lines to hold the hem in place.
Step 4: really isn't a step it's just to show you what I'm talking about and how it should look once your done.
This is going to be the front piece of the envelope. For the back piece of the envelope repeat step one and  then just run one line of stitches to hold it in place.
Step 5: place fabric right sides together, starting with the piece you want in the very front! 
Step 6: Run a line of stitches along the top connecting the pieces together.
Step 7: Add the second part of the front, run a line of stitches along the bottom.
Step 8: fold your fabric into the shape of your pillow (inside out, so it basically looks like Step 7) Run a line of stitches along each side of the pillow, and your DONE.
If you need any help in this step please take a look at THIS it should help explain what I'm talking about.
And the final result should look something like this:

You've probably noticed one more BIG change . . . those are the chairs from the library in our living room! A change that happened earlier this week! I feel like these linen beige-y chairs might suit the new rustic, neutral thing we've got going on, I'll let you know for sure next week what the final verdict on the chairs is, but so far I think I'm liking it!
I hope you like our latest additions! Lee said they're his favorite pillows to date . . . although in general he hates throw pillows so it's not that big of a compliment!! ;)


  1. Love the fabrics! I'll have to try my hand at making pillows like that when we get new furniture for our family room.

  2. Love the pillows and the two fabrics you chose! I like the chairs in that space. You know me...I am all about playing musical furniture!

  3. You make sewing look so simple. I have been inspired what size pillow insert did you purchase and where do you buy them from?

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I used 18" pillow inserts (they're BIG) and I always buy my inserts from Ikea! They're hands down the cheapest place I found for pillows.
    I also prefer to use feather pillows over other types because I like the karate chop look, where the pillow goes down in the middle!! Although they do require more fluffing, especially after Lee or Max sits on them!!
    Hope that helps

  5. The pillows rock and so do your sewing talents!! The chairs look great, pillows are always the icing on the cake!

  6. Wow, those look amazing. Too bad I don't sew or have a machine. Can I hire you to make some for me;)

  7. Thanks Ashli, I am going to head over to Ikea this weekend. I give your karate chop a thumbs up!!!



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