Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's easy being Green: New Desk!

I guess I should start out by explaining WHY we replaced our secretary desk with a new desk.
  • Well . . . we are turning the library into an office. Lee has recently started doing lots of work from home and needs a large desk and and area to spread out all of his papers. The only desk I've found that I LOVE is WHITE!  and the Bookcases are WHITE! I wanted the front 'office' to  be light and bright and to me nothing is lighter and brighter than WHITE. 
  • Also, I never really did any work from there because I found it a bit confining inside of the desk, there wasn't a lot of room to move your mouse or have a drink or spread out a project. Also I could definitely NOT use that desk to sew on! 
I should also tell you what happened to our little black secretary desk . . .
  • we sold it on Craigslist! And  made enough money to buy the New white desk we want for Lee, a desk chair as well as the shelves and desk in the corner!! 
Here's my New Little Corner DESK:  (still a work in progress . . . the blue file holder at the top will be gone once we convert the wicker baskets to file cabinets, and the plant will probably find it's home somewhere else, I want to be able to spread out projects on the desk and the plant is taking up some precious real estate).

The "DESK" part itself is the our old laundry room cabinet! Since we wanted some hanging space in the laundry room we had an extra cabinet kicking around. We racked our brains trying to think of a way to use the old cabinet when, as Oprah would say, I had an AH-HA moment and decided to make a floating desk out of it!

First Lee figured out where the wall studs were so he could screw the cabinet into the studs.

Once the cabinet was secure to the wall we bought an Ikea Vika Amon desk top in White for $9 (seriously it was $9, although when we cut it to fit we found out why . . . it's basically filled with cardboard haha).

We painted the dark face of the cabinet with leftover white paint from the Laundry Room Project. And found two more doors in the AS-IS section of Ikea for $10.00 each.
We used the same door pulls as the laundry room cabinets (I love those little things).
You also might recognize the chair it's one of our bar chairs, and I love it WAY more with my new DESK. 

 It wasn't too hard at all, Lee completed the project in about an hour!!!  (Not including paint drying time).

We added:
  • a couple of floating shelves (these ones were from Home Depot).
  • A magnetic bulletin board From Ikea found in the AS-IS section for $8. I really think that every home need either a Pin Board or a Magnetic Board. There will always be a piece of mail or a slip of paper that you'll want to deal with at a later time . . . ALWAYS.

We still have a ways to go . . . We have an empty picture frame begging for some cute art.

I desperately need a desk lamp. And I still have to organize the cupboard (my favorite part). But I'm really happy with how it's turned out so far!

Cost Breakdown:
Cabinet  $ Free $
Cabinet Doors $10 each
Desk Top  $9
Door Hardware  $4
Magnetic Board  $8
Floating Shelves  $14 each
Bar Stool  $ Free $
It's Sooooo Easy being Green . . . and cost effective!

I should have the final touches done by the end of the week!!! 


  1. What an efficient and cute space! You sure crammed in a whole lotta function while keeping it pretty too. Not an easy task! Well done!

  2. You guys rock! Nice to have creativity & carpentry skills all in one home!
    What a perfect spot for all your work to be done!
    I love the baskets as file cabinets!
    Your husbands birthday party looks wonderful, I love the colour scheme!

  3. Ashli, it looks great! I love white, and the floating shelves work really well in that space. I can't believe the desk is a laundry room cabinet. So smart!!

  4. Looks great! A word of warning, though...I have read that having magnets close to a computer (even a very small magnet) can cause extensive damage to your computer - something about the magnet erasing the hard drive...hope that won't be a problem with your new set-up!

  5. Love it! It looks so open and airy. Great way to recycle a cabinet.

  6. Great reveal! Worth the wait! ;-)


  7. Very nice! You guys are soooo creative! But then, THAT would be why you have a blog now, wouldn't it?!!!

  8. Nice and organized. The magnets used with your magnetic board will not do any damage to your computer hard drive you need a degausser (powerful magnets used in labs) to do that.


  9. Love it! I thought that was the cabinet from the laundry room. Great job. Super efficient!!

  10. Well done....I really like this space and you've given me some ideas for my sewing nook:)

  11. I love it! Much better than the secretary. So smart of you to re-purpose the laundry room cabinet. Genius!

  12. Lovely and so clever using the extra laundry room cabinet. Cute and practical what more could you ask for?

  13. Love that! I've got a huge desk armoire. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I hate it. Your desk looks way more practical. I'll just have to lower everything for my 5'2" height. :-)

  14. Really clever re-purposing the old cabinet. Just goes to show you don't need a large space to have a tidy and efficient work space.

  15. I have to admit when I read that you'd gotten rid of the old desk, I thought you were crazy! But seeing the (mostly) final result I see now why you did! I bet it feels much less intrusive into the space, and it sounds super functional! Awesome job!

  16. Ashli ~ again, another gorgeous little space you and Lee have created for a fabulous cost. You have decked out the desk so beautifully and my favorite color is white so that you can accessorize it with beautiful books and colors. Now all you have to do is make sure that Lee keeps it neat and tidy ....... however, I know you'll keep him in line. :-)

  17. Very clever! It looks fantastic! Cute and so functional. Mission accomplished!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. That looks amazing. We used the Vika Amon top in our study and it looks great. x

  20. I love this! Your projects always look so pretty and they seem to look as if you've spent more than you did. What a frugalista ;-)

  21. I think this Ikea table lamp would look so cute on your new desk!


  22. I was wondering about those floating shelves. Thanks for the info. I think I am going to get me a few!

  23. Anonymous-
    that's too funny we already own that lamp in black!!! I might try it out on the desk!! :)

  24. Lovely! Did you read Wheat Belly yet? I stopped eating grains a little over a month ago and I feel great. I really want to read that book!

  25. Hi Sarah!!
    I just started reading it. . . my mother in law gave it to me as a gift (at first I was mad because it was a weight loss book haha) but So far it's AMAZING!!
    I would definitely reccomend it and I'm only a couple chapters in!!

  26. Hi Ashli! Hey I just wanted to let you know that I featured your awesome new desk on my blog today. You can find it here: http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/2012/03/transforming-your-furniture-with-paint.html

    I really enjoy following your blog! ☺Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is: http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/

  27. Wow love the desk idea. I am going to use it for a vanity table in my bedroom. I too have a handy husband to execute all my new found ideas.

  28. Awesome setup! Looking for ideas for my home office walls, and those floating shelves caught my eye -- nearest Ikea 2 hrs away :-( But looking on the Home Depot website, all the floating shelves are really expensive. Were these on clearance? By the way, found your blog through your Billy bookcase hack and love it -- both the bookcase and the blog!

    1. Ours weren't on clearance! It was just their standard price, maybe there is a price difference between the US stores and Canadian Stores, or maybe the online price is different then the in store price??
      If it's not too far I would pop in there and see what the prices are, maybe the website made a mistake?
      I know that ours were not on sale, that was their regular, everyday price!
      Hope that helps a bit!
      Lots of Love

  29. Now that is just genius! And your pup is seriously adorable!



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