Monday, January 30, 2012

Chocolate Themed Birthday Decor!

This weekend we celebrated Lee's 36th Birthday!!!
We threw a Chocolate Themed Dessert Party, with a couple of skulls to make it more "Lee"!

I started by making a banner in our party colors (Chocolate, black and Cream), it was SUPER easy.

First - I cut out triangles.
Second - I ironed on interfacing (this is super important, it keeps the triangles stiff  and stops the edges from curling around.
Third - I cut the edges with pinking shears.

Last - I sewed the interfaced triangles to quilt binding . . . Both banners took me Less then 30 minutes to make!

Next I tackled the Pom Poms for the light. I tried to make them as manly as possible, so I chose Black, and Chocolate Brown (I wouldn't call them masculine . . . but they're about as manly as a pom pom can get).
I used THIS tutorial They were SUPER easy to make! and cost about 50 cents each! :)

We attached them to the chandelier using string,  and the ones on top were just thrown up there! I like the look so much they're still up there today :)

I made a batch of Lee inspired cupcakes . . .

Rainbow Sprinkle cupcakes with Black Buttercream icing and tiny sugar Skulls on top! (I probably wouldn't do black icing again . . . because everyone who ate a cupcake had black lips and teeth . . . oops), but the buttercream icing made them so yummy most people still had two!!

Next I added, in no particular order, :
  • Nanaimo Bars
  • Brownies
  • Rocky Road bars
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Black Forest Trifle (It's when the black forest cake your making doesn't want to stop leaning to the left, so you cut up the cake and make a trifle instead.
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Chocolate Mousse 

  • Double Chocolate Cookies 
  • Chocolate Cookie Straws

  • Bowl of Maraschino Cherries (My Favorite).
  • and a Dish of Raspberries and Strawberries!

 Overall we had a GREAT time!! A lot of Prep work but totally worth it!! The Party was a chocolate success and Lee had not only his fill of chocolate but his fill of GIN too . . . I think next weekend is going to be a stay at home and sip tea while watching PG movies kind of weekend :) haha.


  1. Wow! What a great party. Love chocolate paired with berries. But, I would eat the cherries in one sitting no problem! My fav!!!Too funny about the black icing. Elie had a black and white cake for her 16th and they too all had black teeth! Hope Lee is feeling better today ;)

  2. Looks absolutely fabulous Ashli !! I love the little skulls, they are very neat. Lee looks like he enjoyed himself :-)

  3. I am drooling over here! Looks amazing... I wish I was local so you could share some leftovers with me :)

  4. Sooo many yummy looking treats! Does Lee have a sugar hangover today though???

  5. Looks delicious. now reveal desk!!

  6. Yummy! i love the white dishes. makes everything stand out. what's that sticking out of the mousse? great job!

  7. Everything looks amazing! I am in awe!


  8. Okay Ashli my 40th bday is on the horizon...... Can you throw a party for me? Lee is such a big kid, love it!

  9. Totally laughing imagining the black stained teeth. Looks like a great spread!

  10. Oh my gosh all those sweets look amazing! Lucky hubby!

  11. looks great...don't you just love that buttercream icing ...umm as for the black that would have been interesting mixing it up. Love the banner...I need a pink one for my daughter..will check out the tutorial. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  12. It's all good enough to eat!!...even the decorations! :)

  13. That banner is cute, but mostly I want to eat EVERYTHING!!!

  14. Your husband is a lucky and loved man, what a great party you threw for him. It all looks soooo yummy! My teen daughter LOVES chocolate, I may have to do something similar for her 16th!


  15. It looks great! I had the same problem with blue frosting... no one could smile. It was funny, but terrible all at the same time. New to your blog. Can't believe I didn't find you sooner!

  16. What a glorious, casual party. I love everything! I too have white dishes but have never seen the 1/2 plates. Where did you find them? Also, can you please tell me what you used for your interfacing on the banner? Can't wait to see your new "office"

  17. Lee is a lucky man, Ashli...all the chocolate he could want!! What a fantastic spread of fruits and treats, wonderful decorations; WOW!! When we finally finish our house renos and we host our Open House party, you HAVE to come and help me with the event planning!!!

  18. OMG I am drooling all over my keyboard. that just looks divine. I might have to do this for my birthday ;)

  19. Hi Jane . . .
    Sorry I have NO idea what type of interfacing I used! If I remember correctly the woman at the fabric store said it was to do shirt collars and stuff!!
    I know I had to iron it on . . . if that helps . . . it probably doesn't help though :)

  20. Can I ask you where did you get your slipcovers for your chairs? They are beautiful

    1. Sorry I didn't see this comment earlier!!! I had them custom made!
      Sorry again!
      Lots of Love

  21. Replies
    1. They were a homegoods find a few years ago.
      Sorry, If I find them again, I'll make sure to do a post on where you can buy them!
      Lots of Love



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