Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Staircase Artwork: tweet tweet

You might have caught a glimpse of  our new staircase artwork yesterday.
I was shopping for powder room artwork at Michaels when I stumbled on to these little birdie prints. I fell in LOVE but I had no idea where to put them, so I may, or may not have, hidden them behind some posters of Justin Beiber  for a couple days until I could think of the perfect place for them.

Honestly two days later I still couldn't think of the perfect place to put them, but I did have a 40% off coupon so I took a leap of faith, knowing that something I loved that much would find a perfect spot in our home! They Did!!!

I LOVE the spot at the top of the steps.

Here's how the staircase looked before we moved in:

and After:

We painted the panels at the top of the stairs in the same trim color as the rest of the house (Martha Stewart's Heavy Cream), but I think that it's the bird prints that keeps me coming back for more.

Total Cost:
Pictures $30 for the set . . . - 40%   =  $18
Set of two black frames $10 . . .- 40%   =  $6
Total Cost                                        =  $24  I love Michaels Coupons . . .  and birdy prints!

Anyone else hidden anything in a store? . . . come on . . . you can tell me ;)


  1. Oh how funny! I haven't hidden anything, but thanks for the tip!!! You've found the perfect place for them.

  2. I have totally done that before! And it works. =) Love your new artwork and the staircase looks beautiful.

  3. Oooh, I have the same pictures, but mine are canvas square ones from Target. LOVE them, and they look great on your staircase!

  4. Hahahaha...I had to re-read your post! I thought initially you meant that once you got the prints home you hid them behind a Justin Bieber poster (so Lee wouldn't see, who knows?!) while you decided where to hang them...of course none of that makes sense and NOW I get it! But I thought, oh Ashli likes Justin, hmmmm...LOL! :-)

  5. I love the bird art (and also the bird paintings you have in your library). I was browsing the bird-related prints on and they have the same ones, in case anyone is looking for them.

  6. I have hidden things too! ;) They are perfect in your stairwell. I like the bottom half of the wall painted cream. It looks so pretty. I love that your home has such character... the paneled walls, trim, crown mouldings, paneled doors. I wish I could convince my hubby to help me liven up our house. It is a no go for him.

  7. I replied earlier, but for some reason it isn't showing up. I have the same ones! I got mine at JoAnns, but have too seen the canvas ones at Target. I love them. We have them in our back entryway.

  8. I also thought you brought them home and wanted to hide them from Lee, hence the Justin B. tactic:) you never seemed like a JB type of gal:) I haven't ever really thought of your little tip, BUT if you ever see a pair of sox on the flour/sugar shelves @ Walmart....yep, that's me....too silly far backtracking to the sock dept. so maybe another customer will think they are cute and pick them up...or the gal stocking shelves will curse me:0

  9. I LOVE that's I'm not the only one hiding things in stores :).
    Thank you Eileen, If anyone's looking for the prints you can find them at ART.COM under bird prints!!!
    And for the record . . . there are NO posters of Justin Beiber in our house, haha Although he is Canadian, and oh so cute . . . okay I might have to add a justin beiber poster to the house!! ;) I was thinking right when you walk in the front door haha

  10. Love that you went ahead and brought your birdies home, instead of making them hide behind Bieber. But, I confess I have done that too and you made me laugh with the visual of them peeking out from behind the Bieb. They look great Ashli, as does everything you pick out!

  11. I have the same pictures and also don't have the perfect spot for them! I framed them and everything, but don't know where to put them in the house. Maybe I will find a place someday! I have also hid things at stores. Hilarious that you have admitted that to us all! Love it!

  12. I LOVE that you hid them in the store!!! I've totally done that, but I have to say I don't think I've done it in recent years ;)



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