Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours

This year our Christmas Cards went Green! We mailed out around 100 Postcards (saving trees by not requiring Envelopes), and we printed them onto recycled paper!

The Card Image came from VOL 25.

So, from Our Family to Yours,
Merry Christmas!!


Max was suppose to be a part of our Christmas Card this year, but I found him napping in his favorite fuzzy blanket so we let him sleep instead!

Merry Christmas . . . Happy Holidays . . . Season's Greetings!!!
We LOVE you guys (although most of you are Girls so I should Write we LOVE you Girls, but I didn't want to exclude any of the guys so . . . )
WE LOVE Y'ALL (Texan style!)


  1. That's such a good idea. I LOVE your doggie, and in this fuzzy blanket he is so extra cute because it is so similar to his fur...
    Merry christmas from my family to yours.

  2. Aw, your Christmas card is so cute! I love that!

  3. Crazy Canuck. It's Y'All! Merry Christmas from Texas!

  4. So cute!! Where did you get them printed and how did your get the postcard info on the back??


  5. I don't know what it is about Max, he just melts my heart. I could cry with sadness about how his life was before he found you, and cry with joy at how nice it is with you.


  6. Merry Christmas, Ashli and Lee! Cutest.Card. Evah. Since you're closer, can you tell Santa I want a Yorkie just like Max? I already have the fuzzy blanket. Ü ♥

  7. We got them printed at Staples . . . it cost less than $20 but that's also because they made a mistake and printed us way more than we ordered it was suppose to be $20 for 45 but we got 100 for the same price!
    The back of the card we made up ourselves in Photoshop! I was able to add our return address which was a life/hand saver! It was much clearer on the back I had to blow it up for the blog photo!! :)

  8. Merry Christmas! (I love that you let sleeping dogs lie).

  9. Cute. Merry Christmas Ashli, Lee & Max =)

  10. Is there anyway you could send me the templete for the post card? Im am trying to make our wedding thank yous post cards but I am have a really hard time finding any. I want our picture on the front. My email is

    Thank you!

  11. Super cute, love that you made it. Also, just to be a little picky...hope you don't mind...I am assuming your last name is Malinek. So the return name should read The Malineks, not The Malinek's. By adding the apostrophe, you are making it possessive, which it isn't. It is plural. If you last name is Malineks, you would say either The Malineks Family or The Malinekses. I know, I am picky, but I do this for my day job, so I see it everywhere!

    Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing all your news.

  12. Your dog is the cutest little guy!

  13. Read Hodgepodge this morning - and now following your blog. Another Lowe Mainland Blogger. Lots more reading to do, great home you have created.

  14. i just read your interview at HodgePodge. so inspiring! Your blog is lovely too. Your home is beautiful! It should be in a magazine ;)

  15. First time at your blog. I love it!! Thank you Pinterest! :)



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