Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Round-up

Since it's almost Christmas and I still haven't shared things like our mantel, I thought it was time for a Christmas Round Up! Yee-Haw!!!

So what's Christmas without a mantel? We went a little on the sparse side this Christmas, a simple ball garland with lots of sparkle!
Arthur (our artificial deer head) declares his love for Santa. And a little Amaryllis on a side table!
Last, we have our Christmas Coffee Table display. We had this old glass thing that I filled with Christmas Balls and quickly flipped over (so all the balls wouldn't fall out . . . Seriously you basically have to be a Ninja to make this work . . . lucky I AM a bit of a Ninja :p)
Our Christmas Tree,
Our Ornaments:
Our 3 wreath door, and Red Wrapping paper!
And my favorite from this year . . . Our Christmas Staircase!
And last . . . one of our Christmas card outtakes . . . at this point I had poked Lee in the head with the Christmas Ball wire and I was laughing . . . He's still posing although completely fed up with the entire situation :).


Wishing you a cozy Christmas . . . filled with comfy Socks!


  1. Pretty decorations!!! I love the outtake photos!! So funny!

  2. Your home is beautiful, Ashli! The last photo is so cute! I love getting comfy socks for Christmas. :)

  3. Beautiful decor, I popped over form Hodge-Podge to look at your awesome barn door, trying to convince the hubby we need one for the office.....I think you pic will do the trick.

    Merry Christmas
    PS: LOVE the antler and sock pics!!!

  4. Beautiful!!! I love the socks! LOL!

  5. Very cute. Love the pics of you and Lee....love the socks one...too cute!

  6. You two seem like so much fun. =) Love the pics!

  7. Ninja secret. Use a piece of cardboard to keep the ornaments in the glass until it is complete overturned and on the table. Gently slide cardboard out. (You don't have to publish this.)

    Connecticut Granny

  8. Okay, how did you get all of those balls on your mantel? I wanted to do the same thing? Did you glue them all on? Wait til I show Jay the pic of Lee .... Your home is amazing!!!!

  9. Just lovely :) Merry Christmas from Australia xx PS... can you please please do another book post soon! Love finding new books to add to my collection!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Your home looks so pretty and festive, and your tree is divine!

  11. Love it all. So many perfect little holiday touches all over the abode! That bulb garland made my heart smile, did you DIY that?!


  12. Ugh...having trouble posting. Hope this goes through. Love all of your decor, but then again, I love everything you do! You always amaze me. Okay, those outake pics are hilarious!! Love the socks, remind me of sock monkeys. And, I agree...I use a paper plate to do the trick when filling a cloche, then just slide it out.

  13. I love that your home reads Christmassy without being too overwhelming. I love your style approach-small thoughtful touches go a long way! Thanks for the many inspirations.

  14. Our tree is up, the presents have been ripped apart, kids in bed(bucket nearby), chocolate on the table, new pretty surprise handbag in view, chimney on, stomach stuffed NOW it's Christmas in Germany :-) dear Ashli, dear Lee "Hi" and dear Max "woof": A very merry Christmas to the three of you! Have a great time in your wounderful home

  15. Beautiful!!! Looks just so delightful in your house...if you don't mind me asking; where did you get your tree? *S

  16. Your house is Beautiful! I am so impressed with everything you have done on one income. How do you do it? I must know your secret and put it to use in our house. SO glad to have found your blog through hodge podge!

  17. your home looks great...happy new year!

  18. Thanks Shawna!
    Our Tree came from Craigslist! We wanted a 12 foot tree but had a $200 budget, I would definitely start checking Craigslist around November!! Hope that helps a bit!
    Lots of Love



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